Biffy Clyro & Ghostpoet @ Scarborough Open Air Theatre

A month ago I applied for a photo pass so I could see Biffy Clyro back down in my home town. I didn’t expect to hear anything back because, well, I’m a nobody and I only really shoot tiny gigs.

The day before the show I was contacted to be told I’d got a pass. Fuck. Now all I had to do was try and get down from Glasgow, and I had less than 24 hours to do it in. I’d figure it out.

I threw some tweets out asking if anyone was heading down, and had no such luck. But, despite the internet being the sizeable garbage can it is filled with Donald Trump rage tweeting threats of nuclear war on the world, a true gem can occasionally make its way to the surface. In this case, two. A couple of folk chipped in behind the scenes to cover my travel in exchange for a print.

I was worried about shooting the Open Air Theatre because the last time I was there there was a lake in front of the stage. The photo pit was way out, and I’d accepted that the band were gonna look like tiny dots in all my photos at least. But the lake is now concreted over. I’m no fan of lakes and rivers and such being done over, but I’m going to make an exception in this case…

I got a couple songs of Ghostpoet, and three of Biffy. The first two I was in front of Simon, and the majority of photos reflect that. I was crammed between a couple of monitors, which worked for the photos I ended up getting but limited me somewhat in getting full band photos, though I’m really not complaining here. The third song we all managed to switch, so I got a few of James & Ben, with a wild Vennart jump kicking his way around the side of the stage.

Biffy killed it. And it was, surprisingly, my first time catching them live which baffles me. I missed them the last time they were in Scarborough, some 13 years ago. Anyone seeing them at The Isle of Wight Festival are in for a treat.

Big thanks to Jon for arranging the pass for me and for being super accommodating. I’ll be throwing a few more photos and maybe some words along to Birthday Cake For Breakfast, so keep an eye on that for more.

I shot some 35mm too, but will have to wait to get that processed. Right, photos:

Biffy Clyro at Scarborough Open Air Theatre by Lee JonesBiffy Clyro-1Ghostpoet-4Biffy Clyro-8Ghostpoet-2Biffy Clyro-12Biffy Clyro-11Biffy Clyro-2Ghostpoet at Scarborough Open Air Theatre by Lee JonesBiffy Clyro-10Biffy Clyro-7Ghostpoet-5Biffy Clyro-9Biffy Clyro-13


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