“Disco Tits”

I think it was around April I got a message from Jazz. Her living situation had just taken a drastic change, “can I come crash for a bit?”. Straight off the bat I knew it was gonna be more than a bit, but I’ll admit that even I didn’t expect it to turn into a full six month stint.

Me and Jeffels are quiet types, and Jazz has energy for more than the both of us. Though this always made trips to the Cathouse extra fun.

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Katy’s 21st.

On Saturday I headed to a surprise party that was arranged for Katy.

Everyone was told to turn up by 8:30 and I think everyone arrived by 9:30 which wasn’t actually that bad as Katy was later than expected anyway. So late that it felt like an entire mini-party before she even arrived.

Annoyingly I had to bounce before anything properly kicked off, as I had to get myself to a job that I was booked for. ScotRail broke down while I was en route meaning I couldn’t make it, and while that was kinda perfect because I wanted to join the party again, annoyed me just enough that in my half-drunk state I decided just to go and grab Chinese food and sulk instead.

Anyway, there’s a few photos here. I trust everyone spilled out into the Cathouse afterwards and got in a right fucking state, I’ll look forward to joining in next time. It’s not as though seeing these faces in there is a rarity or owt.

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JAZZebell_ by the Clyde

My friend Emily has a rad tenth floor apartment by the clyde and when she moved in she told me I should go over some time and shoot some photos there.

The elevator up is pretty nice, as far as elevators go.

JAZZebell_ balcony-38
JAZZebell_ balcony-1

I went over with Jazz to shoot some more fashion-orientated stuff, and by that I mean photos where she didn’t end up naked which is admittedly pretty unusual for us.

Being on the balcony also made my ultra-wide come in handy, so I pretty much exclusively shot with that and I’m also quite into leaving the vignette on the photos right now.

JAZZebell_ balcony-3

Click below for a whole load more photos.

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Party Photos with Sigma 10-20mm

I almost had a sober night last night, I had about 3 or 4 pints of water and then around 1am Alix set me off and gave me a sip of her vodka and then bought me a double and then the next thing I know I was buying drinks and on a level I didn’t expect to be on.

As mentioned in my last post, due to it being way cheaper I’m using a lens made for crop sensor body on my full frame D610, so the lens vignettes pretty heavily at 10-13, but about 14mm the vignette is almost gone and what’s left is pretty much the equivalent of shooting a 20mm lens.

I’ve wanted a 20mm lens for club work for a while, but always got by with my 24. The extra room actually makes a massive difference when shooting groups of people on a packed dance floor, that and when shooting just one or two people, the extra ambient light the lens lets in is just way more pleasing to my eye.

The lens can distort like crazy around the edges but also we’re looking at party photos of drunk people so you really shouldn’t give a shit about that.

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JAZZebell_ in Queens Park

For a fair while I’ve wanted a 20mm lens on my Nikon for shooting clubs as I currently exclusively shoot 24mm.

It turned out getting an actual 20mm for my Nikon was going to cost an absolute ton, and I resent paying that much for something I’d mostly only be using on drunk people anyway so instead I opted for a Sigma 10-20mm lens. The snag being that it ain’t a full frame lens, but as it didn’t cost nearly as much as my other options I went for it.

While it might not be a dedicated 20mm lens, it’s technically wider than what I already had and when mostly zoomed out it creates a pretty neat vignette and distorts in a way which reminds me of photos of early 90’s grunge bands.

So I took it out and tested it out with Jazz because a new lens is always a good excuse to get out and take some photos.

It’s always a little unnerving using a new focal length, and it’s going to take a while to get used to it. That said, I’m happy with a whole bunch of the photos we took and tonight I’m away shooting with it in the club for the first time so I’ll undoubtedly post something tomorrow too if my photos aren’t utter garbage.

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A night off… so, Cathouse?

Plans I made last night went tits up so I headed to the casino, made a little money, and then headed to Catty for a night out as Stephen was in taking photos.

Jazz had a couple of pals visiting from England and also headed out. We all kept bumping into each other throughout the night. I also kept running into my pal Emily who was out with a couple of pals and I haven’t seen her in way too long. That’s what I love about Catty, familiar faces appear everywhere.

The club is daaaark, and I was shooting without a flash. As a result, the focus didn’t hit 100% of the time. All photos were at 3200 iso (and still mostly pushed 4 stops), around 1/60th, shooting wide open at f2 giving my my new xf35mmf2 lens a serious work out.

I’ve said it before a million times, but the Fuji jpegs are stunning. I feel like this could wind up some tech-snobs, but even with the grain simulation turned off, the noise structure on the jpegs is beautiful. Even if you don’t agree, and the only negative thing you can comment on is a photo being ‘too noisy’ then most of the time it’s not even a comment worth voicing.

Anyway, enough of that. I’m paying the price of two consecutive nights out right now and I need to go clean the vomit outta my sink, and also watch House.

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Back to Hartwood Hospital, with Amber & Des

I’ve been meaning to make sense of the hundreds of photographs I took while Amber and Des were staying with me in Glasgow but to be honest it’s too damn difficult, so I’m going to settle for occasionally dropping a day or two in a blog every now and then and maybe write a little about it.

While they were over I wanted to make sure they saw some rad stuff – They’re from America where I’m pretty sure the oldest building is only 5 years old or something, so I thought Hartwood Hospital would be a good shout. I don’t know how old this building is, but it’s falling apart, has been set on fire a bunch of times and also abandoned for years.

I’d been before and it looks rad.

I feel like we were hungover, I can’t remember. We grabbed some food and headed there on the train.

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