Omar and Flash

The last time I saw Omar properly, he was dragging me around parts of Glasgow and filming me for some photographer series on his YouTube channel which I’m told is gonna surface in the New Year.

That was in the summer, I think.

The other day while I was out with Heather he dropped me a message asking if I was free the day after. I was.

We met at the Apple store and took a walk past George Square.


The cool thing with hanging with Omar is that there’s never really any plan to what we’re going to do. We just end up walking a few miles and shooting whatever the hell we like on the way. This time I mostly focused on Omar.


I’ve been making an effort to use flash more lately as a couple of months back I shot a set of Jazz in a hotel with it and ended up digging the photos but they looked so inconsistent with my other shit that it kinda just irritated me.

That, and the whole forward facing flash snapshot shit just looks straight outta Vice and that’s kinda bullshit. But I’m not shooting for Vice, so fuck it.

Multi-story car parks are always interesting spots to hang out.


Despite using flash for the majority of photos, I brought along the xf35mm f2 to try some headshots with available light. I don’t use this lens nearly enough.


Nike Air Force.


The air was crisp but it wasn’t windy meaning we managed to get around on foot without getting too cold.

The winter light is my favourite thing about this time of year.


Especially in a city.


And that was about it, aside from checking out a camera store and trying out some lenses and heading into a sex shop that was the only place open in the Barra’s for Omar to question the best sellers.


I think we’re getting together on the 3rd to take some more photos, and I think Jazz and Rebecca will be getting involved too. So I’ll hopefully be posting again in a few days with a ton of new stuff.


If you dug these photos, I’ve included some extras over on my B-Sides blog available through my Patreon for $7.50. Your subscription means I can fund new projects and afford to live in the process. Thanks!

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