The Necropolis and Glasgow Green with Heather

The past few months I’ve been in situations where I’ve mostly being photographing Jazz – which I am not sorry about – but I’ve noticed my blog becoming a little less varied than it used to be. So the other week I threw up an ad online for anyone who wanted to hang out and let me take their photo.

Today it happened, and so I packed my camera and headed out. I’ve been waking up real late lately, so the fact I was out the flat before 12pm was quite something.


This is Heather.


I met Heather one night a lil’ while ago in Cathouse, and we keep bumping into each other drunk and having a dance. The other week we decided to get together outside of the club to shoot some photos.

Heather told me she’d never done any sort of modelling before, but that’s never really a concern of mine. I just want to take photos and if someone’s game then that’s generally enough.

We managed to get a bunch of portraits and some fun topless photos.


Getting up the tree was a process. Heather failed to climb it, so used my back as a stepping stone.

I felt every bone in my spine crack, something that I’ve been waiting on for weeks. So even if I didn’t get any photos the day was already worth it – I feel like a brand new boy.

It doesn’t even look that high in this photo which makes it all the more dumb.


As we wandered around the Necropolis, I was reminded of the time someone searched “is it disrespectful to pose semi naked on a grave” and ended up on my page (analytics are great).

If they found out, maybe they can write to me and let me know.


We headed down from the Necropolis and went for a pint in the 13th Note before heading on toward Glasgow Green.


By this point it was pretty dark, and even colder. Though Heather was unfazed.


We took a few photos on the Big G, a sculpture to do with the Commonwealth Games if my memory is right.


At that point it was getting even colder, so we hurried along to the Winter Gardens to grab a couple of portraits before it closed and then headed for another pint.


Though we did manage to stop off a few places en route to the train station to get a few more photos.

Heather posing topless outside Many Studios in Glasgow by Lee Jones

So many times plans are made in the moment of a night out only to be forgotten about, so it was rad to finally hang out with someone outside of the Cathouse for a change.

I know Heather want’s to do a ton more stuff, so I’m sure this won’t be the last time I post about her.


If you dug these photos, I’ve included some extras over on my B-Sides blog available through my Patreon for $7.50. Your subscription means I can fund new projects and afford to live in the process. Thanks!

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