On the Bus with JAZZebell_

Last week, I headed to Leeds to film my pals in Lazlo and while I was at it managed to squeeze in a brief visit to Scarborough before heading back to Glasgow.

Jazz had heard I was due back in town, and said we should take some photos, then hitch-hiked 80-odd miles down from her new home in Sunderland! Despite losing her make-shift ‘Scarborough’ sign to the North Sea on the way (don’t ask), she made it one piece.


Being by the sea is something I think most people end up taking for granted – even if it is cold as fuck half the time – and is something I find myself missing while living in other places.

We headed down to the beach and decided to catch the open top bus away round the seafront, from South Bay to North Bay.

I’ve wanted to shoot some photos on the open top bus for a good few years now, though it’s one of those things that never ended up happening. Anyway, we bought our ticket and got on with it.

JAZZebell_ on the Bus-5649

I half expected to get a few more clothed photos in the process, but by the time I’d managed to even sit down Jazz had already took her shirt off and made a start on the candyfloss, so the rest of this post is pretty NSFW.

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Living in Glasgow: Week 1 round-up.

I figured I’d best dump a bunch of photos here along with a few words since I have now been living in Glasgow for a week.

At the moment, I’m crashing with my pal A.K who I met when I was living in Prague.


Tuesday to Thursday I mainly roamed about a bit of the city.

Photographing walls and the fronts of buildings is something I really enjoy, especially when I’m somewhere new and everywhere I turn here there’s something that captures my attention…

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North Bay, “Tits in Skips”, and Mojos: Public nudes with JAZZebell_

You might remember JAZZebell_ from the zine release night photos.

We agreed to get together to have some drinks and hangout before we both leave town, though I’m pretty sure she hasn’t stopped drinking since the party.

To be 22 again…


The plan originally was to get some photos on the open topped bus as it went around Marine Drive, though they don’t appear to run during the week. Or maybe it’s a seasonal thing? I’ll be back for that.

We opted for the top near The Clifton Hotel, overlooking North Bay.


Jazz is a good kind of maniac, and was dancing most of the day. Taking her “2016~Don’t ever stop dancing” playlist almost totally literally.
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CVNTED Zine, Release Party

I woke up this morning thinking I’d escaped a hangover, but it creeped on me and I’m feeling pretty hollow right now.

I’ve had a quick look through some of the photos and got them online. I took a couple of cameras with me and they were free-for-all… some of them are pretty terrible, and some of them are pretty funny, and some of them are just pretty cool.

Will be interesting to see what comes of the 35mm photos further down the line.

CVNTED Release Party-1849CVNTED Release Party-2047CVNTED Release Party-7562
CVNTED Release Party-7571CVNTED Release Party-7593CVNTED Release Party-7585CVNTED Release Party-1862CVNTED Release Party-1893CVNTED Release Party-2075

Thanks to the staff at The Old Vic; Greeny for twisting my arm into doing it in the first place; everyone who travelled up/down for the night; and all the people who bought my shit and plied me with alcohol.

I need to do stuff like this more often…

Anyway, you can check out all the photos right here.

Missed out on buying a zine? There’s 6 left.

Birthday, Booze, & Bowie

Every year, Iain and myself get shitty scribbled drawings penned by each other tattooed onto us by Dan at North Sea.

This being the 4th consecutive year, on the 11th January, it’s as good as tradition.

Tattoo Day-6987Tattoo Day-6984Tattoo Day-6997
This time the celebrations ended up being over 3 days and were filled with good folk, take-away food, big breakfasts, zombie killing, and a lot of alcohol. Lunacy. I’m looking forward to recovering by the end of the week…

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