Heather (fairydolittle), Glasgow

I haven’t gotten around to posting about my new flat yet. To be honest I wouldn’t say the flat is interesting enough to have a blog all for itself but I’m eventually gonna do something which includes the area I’m now living in.

Since I moved in I’ve been busy trying to get furniture together and setting up the bills and council tax etc, and right now I am waiting for builders to fit a new bathroom and I think tomorrow I’m due carpets to be fitted… It’s coming together slowly, and at least I have lights now and I’m no longer sleeping on the floor.


Heather visited me the other day, and we had a catch up and took some photos. I’m gonna share a few below but you really should sign up to my OnlyFans to check them all out (seriously, there’s over 100 from this set alone). Heather was going to bring some clothes except they hadn’t dried properly and she prefers being naked anyway so that wasn’t a problem, and she did bring some strip lights that switched regularly between colours… So we put those to use.

I’ve missed having my own space since I was last living in Glasgow, and it’s nice to finally have a somewhere that friends can come and go anytime they like again.


As it stands, the flat is pretty much a blank canvas right now. So I’m probably going to be taking photos of people here for a while as it slowly transforms. It’ll be nice to look back on as the flat develops.

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First week back in Scarborough!

I haven’t posted since I’ve moved back to Scarborough, and I’ve already done a few different things so figured I’d condense it into one long post rather than a few small ones which I know I’d never get around to doing.

It’s always strange being back in Scarborough, but some things never change and the locals still amaze me.

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Pubs, Pizzas, & Birthday Tattoos

Pizza and Birthday Tattoos by Lee Jones

Iain turned 29 the other day and once again we found ourselves continuing the tradition of getting a notoriously terrible tattoo to mark the occasion. This year we actually got two each.

The usual plan is to spend the day and night before drinking, get up and grab a breakfast, then draw something ridiculous while hungover, day drink, and go visit Dan to get it done. Everything sort of got skewed this year but we still managed to get it all done under the watchful eye of Jeanna, Iain’s girlfriend.

Traditions are to be taken seriously after all.

Pizza and Birthday Tattoos by Lee Jones

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Shooting with a Nikkor 50mm 1.4g

Since selling my mirrorless X-E2 earlier in the year, I’ve stopped getting out as often to take casual photos. Unless I’m doing an actual job, the DSLR feels too big to bother lugging around on a whim which has resulted in me almost exclusively shooting club nights. I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing, but it has made me lazy. I’ve become too comfortable and have stopped pushing myself.

Just shy of a couple of weeks ago, I bagged myself a 50mm 1.4g lens to combat that. In part because I had a couple of day shoots planned where I imagined it would come in handy, but also because I needed a kick up the arse to get out of my comfort zone.

I naturally shoot fairly wide, at 24mm. So using a 50 felt drastically different, almost alienating. Surprisingly, I’ve kept the 50 on my camera for the majority of the past couple of weeks, and have found myself actually wanting to go out and shoot on non-work days purely because of this lens.

The only real issue I’ve had with it is the AF. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no AF snob; but it’s fairly testing given how it struggles an awful amount in what I’d consider to not be demanding situations. But when the focus hits, it’s SHARP. And the bokeh is beautiful. So I’ll let it off, for now.

The following photos demonstrate how I’ve gotten along with it the past couple of weeks and serves as a bit of preview for a few shoots that’ll be making more of an appearance in the next week or so, along with some more casual hang out photos.


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Birthday, Booze, & Bowie

Every year, Iain and myself get shitty scribbled drawings penned by each other tattooed onto us by Dan at North Sea.

This being the 4th consecutive year, on the 11th January, it’s as good as tradition.

Tattoo Day-6987Tattoo Day-6984Tattoo Day-6997
This time the celebrations ended up being over 3 days and were filled with good folk, take-away food, big breakfasts, zombie killing, and a lot of alcohol. Lunacy. I’m looking forward to recovering by the end of the week…

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“A Bitch iz a Bitch” – Lisa visits Scarborough.

My pal Lisa came up to visit from London for a couple of days, and I took it upon myself to book us both in for a tattoo at North Sea.


Here’s Dan, setting up.


My pal Iain draws the some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen, and a few years back when we started getting tattoos together, I began getting his portraits of me on my arm.


I’ve got another couple lined up, and I’m sure it would be heavily narcissistic if the drawings actually bared any resemblance to me what-so-ever.

Lisa got herself a tiny triangle on her wrist.


Then it was back to the house for drinks. There might have been a lot of gin, and we drank out of only the finest skull and crossbones cups!


Then out, and the camera became a bit of a free for all.

Rebel Radics SoundsystemRebel Radics SoundsystemRebel Radics SoundsystemRebel Radics SoundsystemDSCF6001Rebel Radics SoundsystemRebel Radics SoundsystemDSCF5986Rebel Radics SoundsystemRebel Radics SoundsystemDSCF5983Rebel Radics SoundsystemRebel Radics Soundsystem

The following morning afternoon, we had a little time to knock about before Lisa had to catch her train, so we had to find a carvery. Thankfully there was a pub around the corner for us to nurse our hangovers.


It wasn’t long before a drunk local made his presence known informing me “your friend is a ten, my God; Beauty.”, and that his own daughter was a bitch. Over, and over again. He meant no harm, a standard lone drunk in a pub, but I’d have gotten tired of him pretty quick if it wasn’t for Lisa casually dropping N.W.A references in her answers to his constant questioning. After a little chat he left.


Jeffels joined us afterwards, noticeably less animated. I’m sure he was everyone’s entertainment for almost the entirety of the party the night before.


I’m no stranger to travelling long distances, so always appreciate it when others put in that kinda time. Having done my fair share of insane journeys in the past I’m painfully aware of how tiring it can be, especially when you’re visiting someone just the one night!

Anyways, I’m sure it won’t be quite as long before we get together next for a bowl of mash and some gin.


B-Sides: Kei Marie

If you follow my blog at all you’ll know that a few weeks ago I met Kei from Sunderland and we got to hang out for a couple of hours so we took some photos, and ate some pizza.

I might harp on a bit too much about pizza but cold left over pizza is always worth talking about, so fuck it.

I’m about to embark on a journey to Athens for the better part of a couple of weeks, and when I’m back I’ll be shooting straight off again for like a month or so to Prague, so I’m going to be pretty non-stop doing shit out there, but I hope to get together with Kei again when I return because shoots this fucking effortless shout be a regular happening…

Anyway, a little while ago I posted a couple of out-takes from the set we shot, and I said I’d get around to posting a gallery with a whole bunch of out-takes that I love but was unable to use.

Enough from here, here’s some photos:

Top courtesy of HUNGER CLUB .