A Pro-Lifer in Glasgow’s West End

I finished my chips and left the cafe, and in a shop doorway two doors down was a woman in tears. I asked her what was up and she said a man had just approached her to tell her that abortion is wrong, before moving on. She told me he left her questioning if she was actually a bad person.

He was away down the road, talking to someone else. I asked him what he thought he was playing at, and he instantly got on the defence with “it’s just my opinion!”. I told him I thought his opinion was bullshit, and he needed to mind his own business if he can’t begin to understand the complexities that come with women reaching decisions like that. He said he was sorry, but it didn’t feel sincere. It felt like someone backing down, and not because he made some woman cry, but because he didn’t expect a man of my size to object to his bullshit and call him out on it. Continue reading “A Pro-Lifer in Glasgow’s West End”

Hanging with Omar

Me and Omar have been tryna hang out and shoot photos for a while but our schedules rarely ever allow for it, and he’s always super busy getting away in nature and shit and taking photos.

Yesterday though, we managed to get together and shoot in the city.

Glasgow with Omar and Jeffels-40

The sun was beaming, to the point where I thought I was gonna burn. The Clyde was lined with folks soaking it up.

Glasgow with Omar and Jeffels-72 Continue reading “Hanging with Omar”

Elsa in Glasgow

A few months ago, Elsa contacted me to shoot but it never ended up happening as I was always busy and also lived quite a ways from her. Anyway, as it turns out, she moved to Glasgow almost the exact same time as me, so we had to get together and do something.

Elsa, Glasgow-2595

She dug the photos I did with JAZZebell_ earlier in the month, so it was pretty much accepted that we’d just get together and hang out and shoot a bunch of casual stuff in the city.

We started by Buchanan Galleries.

Elsa, Glasgow-2574Elsa, Glasgow-2585

and it wasn’t long until the clothes started to come off… Continue reading “Elsa in Glasgow”

Living in Glasgow: Week 1 round-up.

I figured I’d best dump a bunch of photos here along with a few words since I have now been living in Glasgow for a week.

At the moment, I’m crashing with my pal A.K who I met when I was living in Prague.


Tuesday to Thursday I mainly roamed about a bit of the city.

Photographing walls and the fronts of buildings is something I really enjoy, especially when I’m somewhere new and everywhere I turn here there’s something that captures my attention…

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North Bay, “Tits in Skips”, and Mojos: Public nudes with JAZZebell_

You might remember JAZZebell_ from the zine release night photos.

We agreed to get together to have some drinks and hangout before we both leave town, though I’m pretty sure she hasn’t stopped drinking since the party.

To be 22 again…


The plan originally was to get some photos on the open topped bus as it went around Marine Drive, though they don’t appear to run during the week. Or maybe it’s a seasonal thing? I’ll be back for that.

We opted for the top near The Clifton Hotel, overlooking North Bay.


Jazz is a good kind of maniac, and was dancing most of the day. Taking her “2016~Don’t ever stop dancing” playlist almost totally literally.
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