Imogen, Scarborough Castle

Similar to most connections on Facebook, people end up being added through occasional interactions over mutual friends posts, and I guess that’s how I connected with Imogen. It was a fairly long time until we actually met in person, and that was just a chance passing some point last year with Jazz. That said, we had loosely arranged to try and get together to take photos sometime before that, but for whatever reason it never happened.

When I was visiting the other week, Imogen dropped me a message out of the blue and said she’d be down to do some photos now I was around again. I had a free morning before having to go take photos of my pal Alastair, and so that was set.

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Scarborough Castle


Here’s part of my towns Castle. It got shafted a bit in the war, but it’s still standing. I’ve only ever been in the actual grounds once by blagging myself in for free as part of a film crew many years ago.

Besides, I prefer the views from around it where the castle is included too. I don’t see the point looking out from it… there’s plenty of other bits of the cliff to stand on, and you don’t get charged for that.