CVNTED Zine, Release Party

I woke up this morning thinking I’d escaped a hangover, but it creeped on me and I’m feeling pretty hollow right now.

I’ve had a quick look through some of the photos and got them online. I took a couple of cameras with me and they were free-for-all… some of them are pretty terrible, and some of them are pretty funny, and some of them are just pretty cool.

Will be interesting to see what comes of the 35mm photos further down the line.

CVNTED Release Party-1849CVNTED Release Party-2047CVNTED Release Party-7562
CVNTED Release Party-7571CVNTED Release Party-7593CVNTED Release Party-7585CVNTED Release Party-1862CVNTED Release Party-1893CVNTED Release Party-2075

Thanks to the staff at The Old Vic; Greeny for twisting my arm into doing it in the first place; everyone who travelled up/down for the night; and all the people who bought my shit and plied me with alcohol.

I need to do stuff like this more often…

Anyway, you can check out all the photos right here.

Missed out on buying a zine? There’s 6 left.