A Pro-Lifer in Glasgow’s West End

I finished my chips and left the cafe, and in a shop doorway two doors down was a woman in tears. I asked her what was up and she said a man had just approached her to tell her that abortion is wrong, before moving on. She told me he left her questioning if she was actually a bad person.

He was away down the road, talking to someone else. I asked him what he thought he was playing at, and he instantly got on the defence with “it’s just my opinion!”. I told him I thought his opinion was bullshit, and he needed to mind his own business if he can’t begin to understand the complexities that come with women reaching decisions like that. He said he was sorry, but it didn’t feel sincere. It felt like someone backing down, and not because he made some woman cry, but because he didn’t expect a man of my size to object to his bullshit and call him out on it. Continue reading “A Pro-Lifer in Glasgow’s West End”

“Migrants made Glasgow” – Theresa May protest outside SEC.

I received a message around 2:30 this afternoon saying that there’d be a small Theresa May protest outside the SEC at 3:30. I figured it wouldn’t be very well attended, but grabbed a quick lunch and got out, deciding to go take some photos anyway.


As I crossed through the tunnel, I noticed a group of people behind the SSE and it wasn’t long until I found myself stood with a gathering of mothers and daughters. This wasn’t what I was expecting, so I asked one of the girls what they were here for.

“Olly Murs”


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No Hate No Fear Donald Trump Protest in Glasgow by Lee Jones

No Hate, No Fear: Donald Trump Protest

It was pretty last minute, but I heard about the Trump protest earlier today and I took my camera and shot some of it.

I’m proud to be able to call Glasgow my home, and I hope the Scarborough protest in the coming days is just as welcomed.


Edited to add: If you find yourself uttering the phrase “Protesting won’t change anything!”, please take a read of this – Yes, Protest Does Matter by my pal Stephen.

The EDL bore Scarborough… again.

Despite only being in our town a few weeks ago, the EDL decided to head into Scarborough again. Spreading their hate, only to have it fall on deaf ears, and just generally showing themselves up.

It’s hard to take a group like this seriously, when their main objective is to get drunk, and intimidate.

A bunch of proper town folk and independents got together to stand against them and make their voices heard.

Here’s a bunch of photos from earlier.