Rainbows in The Snow (and Storm Emma) with JAZZebell_

I hate having photos edited and not being able to share them right away because I like to just get things done before I forget about them, but I also didn’t want to just immediately spam post two blogs of pretty similar content last week.

Anyway, last week when JAZZebell_ came to visit we shot a couple of sets – The first was in the middle of an actual snowstorm which I posted here, and this one which was the morning/afternoon after. We got up, had a brew and a crumpet and got gone up the hill just behind the house.

It was still minus degrees but was also significantly warmer than the night before which meant we managed to actually shoot for a whole 8 minutes before bailing on the idea.

JAZZebell_ in the snow as Storm Emma hit Scarborough by photographer Lee Jones

We’d taken a flask filled with tea but we only thought to drink it once we got back, so as well as taking a ton of photos we’re both real into we also took a brew out for a 2 mile walk. As you do.

rainbows in the snow-2

Right, here’s a selection of them. Some get pretty naked so if yer in a place where that’s frowned upon then that’s on you – Stop reporting my photos/videos.

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Kitty Misfit naked outdoors.

The other week I posted an old set of Kitty that we shot in some woodland.

We actually did three sets at that location (the one I’ve just linked to and another that was for a fashion shoot), but I think this is my favourite of them all. I know I’ve posted a couple of these photos in the past, but I recently ended up giving the set another look at and decided I hated my editing and I think these are superior in every way now.

Kitty is coming to Glasgow at the start of May with my pal Jazz, and I’m sure we’ll get a bunch of rad stuff to post then.

NSFW to follow.
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Kitty Misfit from Newcastle in Chester-le-Street's River Wear by Lee Jones

In a river with Kitty Misfit

Last week I was due down in York as I had to give evidence in court.


The train was quiet which was bliss, but the whole process turned into a shambles as I was notified of the hearing being cancelled after I had arrived. Brilliant.


It ended up being quick stay over, so I dropped Kitty a message as she lives in Newcastle and figured we could shoot some photos and I could split my journey back to Glasgow in half. She was game. Result.

Kitty Misfit from Newcastle in Chester-le-Street's River Wear by Lee Jones

From this point on, the photos get a bit NSFW – so continue or look away or whatever wanna do.
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A walk to Filey Brigg

Me and Ian cracked out the walking book again, and decided on route 1. Filey Brigg.

I’ve not spent all that much time in Filey since I was in School 12 years ago, aside from a handful of gatherings/house parties and my stint at shooting porn a few years ago (no, I never ‘performed’).

It’s a strange place, Filey. I’ve got a lot of weird memories from there, and some of them probably seem unlikely for such a quiet seaside town.

Filey Brigg-5416

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This is Robyn & Lisa-Marie

Robyn got in touch with me a few days ago, and we arranged to go and take some photos. I don’t get much enjoyment out of planning these things, so we opted to just grab some sarnies and see where we ended up.


We took a drive outta town and towards some woodland on the Cloughton to Whitby road as there’s this weird place that I’ve shot before and figured it’d be a good spot to revisit.


I’ve shot a few photos here in the past, you might recognise it from when I shot Kitty a couple months back.

Here’s a few that I particularly dig with Robyn. There was a man hidden away measuring the trees, so we took these pretty quickly and moved on.


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