Shooting Nightclubs with Fuji X-Pro2: Part 1

I’ve been toying with the idea of down-sizing my set-up for club photos for a while. I guess mostly out of curiosity as I love my X-Pro2 and with the Nissin i40 flash gun and 18mm f2 lens it weighs in considerably less than my current Nikon D610.

Last night was my first night with it (I shot half with the X-Pro2, and half with the Nikon for piece of mind) but tonight I’ll be relying solely on the X-Pro2 so I’ll probably post a more in-depth blog about my thoughts on it tomorrow or something.

Here’s a few photos from the Fuji last night.


CVNTED Zine, Release Party

I woke up this morning thinking I’d escaped a hangover, but it creeped on me and I’m feeling pretty hollow right now.

I’ve had a quick look through some of the photos and got them online. I took a couple of cameras with me and they were free-for-all… some of them are pretty terrible, and some of them are pretty funny, and some of them are just pretty cool.

Will be interesting to see what comes of the 35mm photos further down the line.

CVNTED Release Party-1849CVNTED Release Party-2047CVNTED Release Party-7562
CVNTED Release Party-7571CVNTED Release Party-7593CVNTED Release Party-7585CVNTED Release Party-1862CVNTED Release Party-1893CVNTED Release Party-2075

Thanks to the staff at The Old Vic; Greeny for twisting my arm into doing it in the first place; everyone who travelled up/down for the night; and all the people who bought my shit and plied me with alcohol.

I need to do stuff like this more often…

Anyway, you can check out all the photos right here.

Missed out on buying a zine? There’s 6 left.

CVNTED: Update

It turns out some things that I said and some photographs that I took ended up in The Daily Mail, and The Mirror. The Mirror article isn’t as bad as The Daily Mail one, however, I found some of the original intent has been skewed somewhat, and a lot of people are pissed off.

Writings not my strongest point, and this blog mainly features the grim things, but hopefully it offers some genuine insight.

Street Nightlife-5098
After being denied entry to a bar, a man attempts to breakdance to in order to prove sobriety and be let in. It didn’t go to plan.

A writer saw my Kickstarter and tracked down my Facebook page and asked if I’d be up for answering a few questions – and seen as though I was trying to get funds for my Kickstarter project, I agreed, and this is how the article came about in the first place.

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CVNTED: A Nightlife Zine

I’m trying to make ‘CVNTED: A Nightlife Zine‘ a reality, and I need your support in order to get it printed.

If I’ve ever worked for you, or taken your photograph and you’ve liked it, or you’ve had a bit of a laugh from any photos I’ve posted and generally just back what I do, then if you would consider donating – or even just sharing this post – it’d mean the world.

Not only will it help me out loads, but I’ll hopefully be able to make different zines in the future! It’s about time I started doing something with all these photographs I post...

So head over to my Kickstarter page and see what it’s all about.

Shout out to Josh Goodwill for providing me with music for the video!

Street Nightlife

As soon as folk clock the large DSLR I lug around with me in clubs, there’s this almost instant want to have their photo taken. If it’s for the paper, club, myself, whatever… they don’t care and mostly avoid asking, often opting to grab my shoulder and demand one.

Things are a little different when I’m on the street, using my smaller mirrorless X-E2, and there’s more of a willingness to come up and ask what I’m taking photographs for.

Street Nightlife-3014

Granted, there’s a whole bunch who end up wanting their photo taking anyway… so maybe it’s not that different after all, and perhaps it’s simply just quiet enough outside to ask?

Anyway, the photographs I take in the street often feel more genuine – even when people are aware of the camera – so here’s a few that I particularly dig right now… click ahead for more.

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