Nudes in Raincliffe Woods with Chloe

I’ve got a lot to write about and feel like not enough time to write about it. I’m moving to Glasgow tomorrow, so I’m gonna try and get a bunch of shit written on the train up.

So I’m gonna post this up real quick to get things going.

When I realised I was gonna be moving to Glasgow I put out a shout for anyone who wanted their photo taken by me to get in touch before I left. Chloe was one of these people and we managed to make it work.

We’ve been friends online for… I dunno, ages? And we’ve hung out a couple of times. I’ve wanted to photograph Chloe for a long while, so I’m glad it finally happened. We met, had a brew, then fucked off into the woods for those autumnal colours… and lack of humans.

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From Edinburgh to Dalby Forest

When I got back from Edinburgh one of the first things I planned was to go for a walk out with Robyn and the dogs to help reset my head a little.

Moving on from my last word heavy post, there’s few words here… so I’m just gonna share a selection of photos from the much needed time out among the trees.

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Dalby Forest.

I haven’t actively been out to take photos since Wales and yesterday was the first time I actually felt like picking up my camera since then. I found a double that I forgot I had laying around of the lens I threw in the sea, so that was a nice surprise, but my 18 f2 is still missing…

I headed to meet Robyn and the dogs with the 35.

Robyn, Dalby-1

It was pissing it down when I set off, but the sun came out in full force by the time we were walking.

I took a bunch of photos and only got a handful that are passable for the blog, but I’m not gonna dwell on that because at least I’m getting out again.

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This is Robyn & Lisa-Marie

Robyn got in touch with me a few days ago, and we arranged to go and take some photos. I don’t get much enjoyment out of planning these things, so we opted to just grab some sarnies and see where we ended up.


We took a drive outta town and towards some woodland on the Cloughton to Whitby road as there’s this weird place that I’ve shot before and figured it’d be a good spot to revisit.


I’ve shot a few photos here in the past, you might recognise it from when I shot Kitty a couple months back.

Here’s a few that I particularly dig with Robyn. There was a man hidden away measuring the trees, so we took these pretty quickly and moved on.


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High Force Waterfall

Dad had a few days off work, so we drove out to Forest-in-Teesdale to head to High Force Waterfall and take some photos. It was nice break, I feel like I’ve only been focusing heavily on my night life lately.

High Force Waterfall High Force Waterfall

It’s only a short walk down a path and through some woodland, yet you somehow manage to get charged £1.50 to do so. I suspect the money goes to maintaining the path and keeping the toilets clean or something; I dunno…

High Force Waterfall

When you get to the bottom of the path, there’s a bunch of large boulders and other rocks to sit on and take it all in…

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