DubRocca (Keir Rizzo Cawley) steals from hardworking Yorkshire based Promoter & DJ Dom Roffey.

Change of pace for a second here but I’ve noticed a Dom Roffey, a fellow musician I’m connected with on Facebook, going through the shit right now.

Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 16.52.48

Keir Rizzo Cawley aka DubRocca managed to pull off a fairly elaborate scam that’s resulted in Dom being down both a pair of Adam A77X studio monitors and £1,500 out of pocket. Let’s get a close up of Keir and his Facebook Page.


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joseph ledden and liam giles


It kinda bums me out that I’m blogging something like this again within the space of a single fucking week.

Y’know, being called a faggot by pissed up morons who deem their first action to get their dick out… Original, mate.



The lad on the right is Liam Giles and after a quick scan online I’ve learned he’s passed some course to join The Marines.

EDIT: The lad on the left has been identified as Joseph Ledden.

I’m sure the power of Scarborough gossip will ensure this makes it to at least one of you, so, a’ight lads!

Wandering around with yer dumb Leeds Football chants, shouting your mouth off at everyone about how we were all touched by Jimmy Savile as kids, and that our parents are all paedophiles, really isn’t a hip look. You are fucking stupid.


Your threats of violence fell flat, too. “Come on, you fat cunt! I’ll smash yer face in.” whilst taking steps back and opening yer arms wide like I’m going to run in to them, like “Oh, thanks mate, thought you’d never ask!”

DSC_7922 DSC_7929

For the record: Threats of violence, chats of rape, laughing about abuse, and paedophilia ain’t “banter”. Wind yer neck in, cunts. You’re both fucking moronic. Proper.



I was walking along side the canal in Leeds the other week, and found this Swan.

I’ve never been down the canal before, despite seeing a part of it every time I end up in Leeds train station and I never realised it goes right through the Pennines into Liverpool. Neat.

EDIT: Err, the more I look at this Swan, the more I think he’s up to something. Lookin’ a bit shifty there, mate. Where’s your partner?

Dan Russell Likes to Eat.

Alright, so, unless you’ve been under a rock since Instagram (especially), you’ll be familiar with photographs of food. That’s cool an’ all, and I dig the whole food appreciation thing, even if it pains me to see posts of lazily microwaved sausages, mash, and gravy… but what I have noticed and consider to be a shame is that there isn’t many photos of people actually scoffing their fucking faces of the shit they enjoy. It’s all before and after, and no during.

This is my pal Dan. I met up with him in Leeds a couple of weeks ago ’cause he wanted me to take some photos of him and his guitars and in return he said he’d buy me beer and take me to Red’s True Barbecue. I’d never been before, and I think he considered it his life’s mission to get me there. It was great. I had a donut burger.

A fucking DONUT burger.

Tonight I was going through my memory cards ’cause I forgot I actually had to edit his photos, and then I found this at the end. Which got me thinking; Chances are if you’re eating out then it’s gonna be in a place you enjoy and I’m pretty sure you’re not going to be willingly buying something you’re not gonna love, so I want to capture you actually eating your food. Do it. Get in touch. Let’s go and eat somewhere.

Anyway, as you can probably guess, this is Dan, with a bowl of pulled pork.