Jemma & Jake Engagement Night

I’ve neglected the blog a little as the past few weeks I’ve been up and down the country, and recording & mixing a new release for Closet Organ with what feels like a million things in between.

Though the dust is starting to settle now, and I’ve made the time to plough through some photos for a bit of a catch up.

The main reason I went back down to Scarborough a few weeks ago was because my friends Jemma & Jake are getting married, and they threw a wee engagement party. Fair to say they’ve hardly been having a fun time lately, so having a night at theirs for them with friends and family over was more than deserved.

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Hogmanay 2018

Heading out for the Blythe Hogmanay Bash is a tradition I’m ok with, and this year I wasn’t tied into working in a club for the countdown so I got to spend the entire night with friends rather than doing it in two parts.

I didn’t take as many photos as I normally would which is unusual, but then again Stephen didn’t take a single photo despite having his camera round his neck most of the night…

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Katy’s 21st.

On Saturday I headed to a surprise party that was arranged for Katy.

Everyone was told to turn up by 8:30 and I think everyone arrived by 9:30 which wasn’t actually that bad as Katy was later than expected anyway. So late that it felt like an entire mini-party before she even arrived.

Annoyingly I had to bounce before anything properly kicked off, as I had to get myself to a job that I was booked for. ScotRail broke down while I was en route meaning I couldn’t make it, and while that was kinda perfect because I wanted to join the party again, annoyed me just enough that in my half-drunk state I decided just to go and grab Chinese food and sulk instead.

Anyway, there’s a few photos here. I trust everyone spilled out into the Cathouse afterwards and got in a right fucking state, I’ll look forward to joining in next time. It’s not as though seeing these faces in there is a rarity or owt.

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Birthday Cake with JAZZebell_

I have an insane backlog of blogs to write and photos to share and today I was actually going to post something from that, but Jazz had other plans and I’m not prepared to start ignoring a pal who wants to get naked and have me take photos.

It was Jazz’s birthday recently. I should be able to be more specific but she’s been excited for her birthday and shouting about it for the past two months and actually celebrating it the past 4 days so I don’t know what’s even real anymore. I think this shoot marks the end of it, and I think I kinda want a party myself to celebrate that it’s all over.

Anyway, I’ve just sat and sorted through the photos right now as Jazz is currently tidying up the living room. There’s 30 or so here, and later today (maybe tomorrow) I’ll be posting another 70 to my private blog that you can access here for $7.50.

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Flat Party with Kitty & Leah

Yesterday saw Kitty returning to Glasgow for a brief over night stay, and she brought her pal Leah – a lass who in her own words makes “cups of tea for naked people” – ok, then.

The weather was good. So good in fact that I’m just going to blame the heat for how quickly I got drunk during the day, which was my reason for the early night…

Kitty is returning for a week next month with Jazz and I think their plan is to book a load of shoots while doing their cam-girl work from the flat during their down time, so I’m sure there’ll be a whole bunch of photos to follow with that.

Here’s few of the more suitable photos from the night.

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Flat Party

It’s been a while since me and Jeffels have thrown a party. I was working a lot in a club over Christmas and New Year, and so got my fill of parties there and then headed back to Scarborough for a couple of weeks. So there’s that, and not to mention recently we’ve been trying to lay off the booze…


As with any party, it started off civilised enough but soon descended into chaos. I don’t really have a lot of words and it’s all a bit of a haze so I think these photos will have to do.

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Blythe Hogmanay House Party & Cathouse with Jesse Leach

In a way, last night marked the end of my first year in Glasgow. I didn’t technically move up until the start of February, but it was Hogmanay last year that cemented my desire to move to the city and make a go of it. It was also the first night I worked in the Cathouse.

Stephen and Grace hosted another Blythe Hogmanay in their flat.

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