Ricoh 500g rangefinder with Kentmere 400, test roll.

A few weeks ago I sent some 35mm to get processed, and due to the lab failing to contact me and ignoring my emails, I’ve been chasing them up for a while to get my negatives back.

Yesterday it finally happened, and here’s a couple featuring JAZZebell_ and Kae.

photo of model jazzebell_ with ricoh 500g rangefinder shooting kentmere 400 35mm by lee jonesphoto of kae with ricoh 500g rangefinder shooting kentmere 400 35mm by lee jones

While the film didn’t turn out as I’d hoped for varying reasons, I’ve posted the rest in a private gallery on my OnlyFans page as I’m wanting to offer subscribers a little more insight to things I am on with (even when these things don’t go to plan!) so if my failings at shooting film are of any interest to you, sign up right here.

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I had some film to use up and what better way than to get a bit daft in the cemetery.

We deemed it appropriate to shoot at the exact spot me and Iain got beaten up a few years back due to being insanely drunk and confused on a 2.5 litres homemade cocktail of Sangria and Tennents Super.

Scarborough Castle


Here’s part of my towns Castle. It got shafted a bit in the war, but it’s still standing. I’ve only ever been in the actual grounds once by blagging myself in for free as part of a film crew many years ago.

Besides, I prefer the views from around it where the castle is included too. I don’t see the point looking out from it… there’s plenty of other bits of the cliff to stand on, and you don’t get charged for that.