Valentine’s Day: Strawberries, Cream, & Ballgags.

Valentine’s Day – not something I tyically get involved in. However, a bunch of my friends were in town and everyone came over to the flat. The plan was to hang out and take some photos.


I didn’t particularly know what to expect, as the lasses were out picking stuff up to shoot with while I was just making sure my flat wasn’t an absolute state for their arrival.

Not being one for full on planning, I was half expecting a relatively quick cutesy group valentine’s shoot.

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Wyndford Balcony Portraits (vol. 1)

I’ve yet to have an official flat warming, but since moving into my flat I’ve had a small amount of people over while I’ve been in various stages of kitting the place out.

The balcony I have isn’t huge, but it’s still a fair enough size that hanging out there isn’t a problem.

Anyway, here’s a selection of photos from the balcony so far. If anyone in Glasgow reads this, get in touch – I’m always looking to meet/photograph new faces.

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Riding Elevators

Occasionally I’ll poke around my archive and notice a pattern in photos, and for a while I’ve been meaning to post a collection of elevator selfies.

A few of my favourite films have memorable elevator scenes (Die Hard, Terminator 2, Vanilla Sky), and so I guess this is where the fascination comes from.

I’m not that big on my own photo being taken, but I’m partial to the occasional selfie. Maybe there’s a comfort in having a camera covering half yer face? I dunno. Either way, here’s a few I’ve taken solo or with people on my journeys back in 2017.

And before you ask, yeah I pretty much wear the same thing every day of the year.

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Sunday: To the Necropolis, Hogganfield Park, and back.

Fourteen miles. Fourteen fucking miles.

I half expected that after my month of shooting with ACROS that I’d change it up a bit, but after toying with the idea today before heading out for a walk I couldn’t commit to anything else. I’m seriously in love with it. So here you have it, even more black and white…

Since making a conscious effort to get out more lately, I’m feeling way too familiar with the Dumbarton Rd – Sauchiehall St. stretch, and most of the time for photos it doesn’t get a look in. I think I’m just fed up of walking up and down it. So the photos didn’t start until we we pushed through the centre of town, making a proper start at City of Glasgow College.

It’s not often I take portrait photos, but here’s a couple to start with.

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TUESDAY: 35mm Fail.

As you may have noticed, last week I started blogging a whole bunch more and even started vlogging which feels weird, and if I’m honest I can’t imagine getting wholly used to that sort of thing but I will continue anyway since Jeffels is pushing me to do it.

Shooting Fuji-Xpro2 with ACROS Film Simulation in Glasgow by Photographer Lee Jones

The biscuit factory I tried to get into last week ended up getting completely demolished so that plan tanked, and because I ended up busy with a bunch of other projects I mostly stayed in the flat from Thursday – I still got shit done though, and the week culminated with me releasing Under Blue Moon (a new EP from Magnificent Bastard), and to top it off I also received news that Amber is flying over from LA to stay in Glasgow with me in June. Pretty fucking neat.

Today I continued where I left off last week, and got out of the house and walked a bunch of miles and turned it into a little photo mission with Jeffels.

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Wednesday: “and it’s all falling to bits!”

Third day in a row of sun in Glasgow. Insane.

Jeffels & Emma, Glasgow Centre-1

Wednesday doesn’t get a vlog, the day took an unexpected hit in that I had to get the screen repaired on my iPhone before the warranty expired because I leave everything until the last minute, and that managed to take three hours – so instead I met Emma with Jeffels for a coffee and we just hung out and walked around the centre.

All wasn’t lost though, I managed to take 30 or so photographs for a new photo book (that I am keeping quiet about for the time being) but what I can say is that I am currently looking at getting published somewhere down the line. The meetings I’m currently attending are filling me with optimism, which actually makes me uncomfortable but I might as well try and embrace it for the time being if it’s gonna help me get off my arse.

Besides, if all goes tits up I can always look at self-publishing.

Jeffels & Emma, Glasgow Centre-2

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Flat Party with Kitty & Leah

Yesterday saw Kitty returning to Glasgow for a brief over night stay, and she brought her pal Leah – a lass who in her own words makes “cups of tea for naked people” – ok, then.

The weather was good. So good in fact that I’m just going to blame the heat for how quickly I got drunk during the day, which was my reason for the early night…

Kitty is returning for a week next month with Jazz and I think their plan is to book a load of shoots while doing their cam-girl work from the flat during their down time, so I’m sure there’ll be a whole bunch of photos to follow with that.

Here’s few of the more suitable photos from the night.

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