Saltwick Bay with Robyn

Before I buggered off to Glasgow, I headed to Robyns and we drove out to Saltwick Bay for a walk along the beach with the dogs.

Recently, part of the cliffs collapsed and crushed a 9 year old girl. So a lot of it had changed since the last time I was there. Perhaps because we’re stupid we got maybe a little too close to the cliffs as they were still very much crumbling around us, but Robyn did find some cool fossils though.

The tide was starting to come in by the time we arrived, and it got dark quick. So here’s a few photos from the day.

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To Wales and back.

I haven’t posted an actual blog in a long while, and it’s not for lack of doing things to write about. I’ve been all over… had another stint in Prague and covered a festival and hung out with friends, then back in the UK I travelled to Sunderland and Newcastle to shoot and catch up with various friends while also attending a wedding, and also visited Wales. There’s more things in between too, I’m sure. But I’m just having a massively shit time right now, though I feel like I should probably at least post something rather than ignore everything forever.

I’m gonna start with my recent trip to Wales.

The photographer Jazz was travelling down to work with went well out of his way to accommodate us, picking us up and driving us around, and even let us crash in his family home for the few days we were there – his wife even prepared us some vegan meals for our stay. Dynamite.

On the road

We spent a day by the beach, and I found a washed up Jellyfish. It was huge.

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Crashing Drones with Sarah

Yesterday I headed back into Scarborough to meet Sarah and we actually filmed content for a video she wanted making and some of the footage I was able to use to make a pretty dumb vlog with for my YouTube channel so you can view that at the bottom of this post.

I was also supposed to meet up with Robyn again and we were gonna go for another dog walk but she was called into work and by the time she’d finished the tide was well in so I think we’re gonna do something on Saturday instead.

Sarah Wood, Scarborough-3

Yay Coffee was our first stop, for a couple of drinks and to assemble the drone.

Sarah Wood, Scarborough-7
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Bobbie, on Scarborough’s North Bay

In November last year I did a couple of shoots with Bobbie. She was trying out for Suicide Girls at the time so we shot a set in the Brewery, and a set on the beach. Don’t let the sun fool you here, it was bloody cold.

The majority of these photos haven’t been made public because obviously it was for the SG site, but since then Bobbie has told me she’s no longer pursuing that so I’m fine to post the non-nude photos here.

The full set that will likely never see the light of day is pretty great but the photos that are left over are still pretty rad so I hope you dig them.

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Shooting with a Nikkor 50mm 1.4g

Since selling my mirrorless X-E2 earlier in the year, I’ve stopped getting out as often to take casual photos. Unless I’m doing an actual job, the DSLR feels too big to bother lugging around on a whim which has resulted in me almost exclusively shooting club nights. I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing, but it has made me lazy. I’ve become too comfortable and have stopped pushing myself.

Just shy of a couple of weeks ago, I bagged myself a 50mm 1.4g lens to combat that. In part because I had a couple of day shoots planned where I imagined it would come in handy, but also because I needed a kick up the arse to get out of my comfort zone.

I naturally shoot fairly wide, at 24mm. So using a 50 felt drastically different, almost alienating. Surprisingly, I’ve kept the 50 on my camera for the majority of the past couple of weeks, and have found myself actually wanting to go out and shoot on non-work days purely because of this lens.

The only real issue I’ve had with it is the AF. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no AF snob; but it’s fairly testing given how it struggles an awful amount in what I’d consider to not be demanding situations. But when the focus hits, it’s SHARP. And the bokeh is beautiful. So I’ll let it off, for now.

The following photos demonstrate how I’ve gotten along with it the past couple of weeks and serves as a bit of preview for a few shoots that’ll be making more of an appearance in the next week or so, along with some more casual hang out photos.


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Abandoned Loudoun Castle Theme Park & Troon Beach

Amy suggested we head on another adventure, so we jumped in the car and headed to what used to be Loudoun Castle Theme Park.

It wasn’t the most accessible of places, so we parked a short way from it and took a walk down the road, past a bunch of fields and cows. We tried to get the cows over for a hello, but they didn’t give a shit. Staring, judging us from a far.

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Brighton with Abby

Last month I visited Brighton with Abby, but I forgot to upload these photos while I was away in Prague.


I’ve only visited Brighton a handful of times, but never seem to get properly stuck in. This time, it was too hot for me to want to do proper exploring, so we mainly hung out on the beach and had a little wander through the streets when we were looking for food.

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