in 2019 my band Closet Organ had our first proper taste of touring with two mini tours over a couple of long weekends. finding ourselves elevated to a standard of playing never experienced before, that was it; we wanted more. then the pandemic hit, and our dreams were crushed. we paid through the arse to hire our studio in the city that we couldn't access properly for the bulk of the pandemic and as the weeks turned into months and the months into years it's fair to say i don't think we ever expected touring to be on the cards again.
as we were dusting ourselves off coming out of the pandemic with new songs, we found ourselves struggling to book gigs in our own fucking city more than ever so we booked two weeks off work to try our luck elsewhere instead. the dates quickly filled up, and we found ourselves on a very diy headline tour in some real cool venues around the uk to distant lands previously untouched... like sowerby bridge and northwich.

over the course of two weeks we had an amp, bollock, and bowel blow up (in three unrelated incidents), we played a wake, it snowed (in may!), stayed in what we thought was the uk's worst hotel (only to end up staying in the uk's actual worst hotel later in the tour!) and met and made some solid friends that we can't wait to get back to in our future endeavours.

i of course took a camera along with me, so here's a selection of photos from the SUMMER OF ORGAN TOUR.

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