in 2020 i travelled down to england to attend the funeral of my grandad and to help sort through his house. while sorting through various bits of my own rubbish that i'd left there years ago, i found a ton of my great uncles' 35mm slides. there's thousands. i took a few boxes back to glasgow with me, and i'm slowly scanning my way through them in my own time and have decided to share some that i find interesting - it's not like he'll mind.
some slides have location/date/camera info written on them, but in general there's very little known about them. there's a mixture of kodachrome, fujifilm, and agfa film stocks and i believe many of the photos were made with his leica iiic.
if you knew james, or happen to recognise anyone/locations in these photos then please get in touch. i'd love to fill in the blanks. i've plenty to add to this, so hold tight.
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