when i first moved to glasgow the first job i got was party photography at cathouse. in many ways it was my introduction to the city, it was the easiest place for me to hangout and socialise with people that were into the same kind of music as me. with it technically being my job, the camera gave me the nudge i needed to approach and talk to people, or in a lot of instances it was an invite for people to grab me and force me to interact with them. i formed friendships with regulars. many drinks were consumed, lyrics screamed in faces, dances with strangers, post-catty takeouts and night buses/walks home. after living in glasgow for 7 years, it's still one of the only clubs i've ever set foot in - i don't need anywhere else. 
here is a pretty sizeable collection of some of glasgow's party scene during my time as a club photographer. i will be adding to this as i make my way through my archive, so please check back.
note: a lot of years have passed since making these photos, if you find yourself in this gallery and would like a photo removed please let me know!

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