Sunset by The Clyde & Dumbarton Castle

It’s pretty nuts that the last post was the 200th blog on this incarnation of radiomoths since I shifted from what is now my Tumblr photo stream. Checking out the stats and having already passed last years total blog posts, this is already shaping up to be my most active year. I’m aware quantity doesn’t equate quality… but I’ve actually been liking some of my photos for a change in recent months, that and at least I’m keeping busy. So, whatever.

I’m going to get to Dumbarton Castle in a second, but yesterday started out with a video shoot for my pal Jazz. I also opted to shoot some colour photos for a change of pace. She took notice of some of my Driven By Boredom photo zines and demanded some photos…

I’ll be posting an actual set of these photos at a later date though, so here’s just a couple for now.

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A Walk to Dawsholm Park

Last night, after a relatively heavy conversation with a friend I loaded up my iPod with a playlist and just got gone. I covered a fair few miles pretty quickly – cleared my head, compartmentalised some thoughts, got back home, and just lazed about before finally going to bed.

I woke up this morning feeling much better. Fresh air and talking, eh. Who knew.

Amy actually headed through to Glasgow this morning to join Jeffels, Omar, and myself on one of our photowalks. And this time Omar brought along Rebecca (who I took a whole bunch of portraits of), who also happens to be a damn fine photographer in her own right. Rad.

Goon squad, set.

Walk to Dawsholm Park in Glasgow by Photographer Lee Jones

We headed to the park. Daisy chains were made. Swings were swung on. Camera gear was shared around. And we made some new dog pals.

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To Manchester: Dave’s Stag Do


Not one for being late, I dragged myself out of bed early and got the 8am bus down to Manchester to meet Dave and the gang who were mostly travelling from Scarborough & Leeds.

The journey was was quiet enough that I could read my book in peace.

Dave's Stag Do-3

I think I arrived around 12ish and shortly after received word that their trains had been cancelled and so I had a pretty heavy wait on me. Not that that was an issue, the sun was beaming. Plenty of time to take a walk around and rack up the step count since I’m tryna get myself more active.

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Hanging with Omar

Me and Omar have been tryna hang out and shoot photos for a while but our schedules rarely ever allow for it, and he’s always super busy getting away in nature and shit and taking photos.

Yesterday though, we managed to get together and shoot in the city.

Glasgow with Omar and Jeffels-40

The sun was beaming, to the point where I thought I was gonna burn. The Clyde was lined with folks soaking it up.

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Sunday: To the Necropolis, Hogganfield Park, and back.

Fourteen miles. Fourteen fucking miles.

I half expected that after my month of shooting with ACROS that I’d change it up a bit, but after toying with the idea today before heading out for a walk I couldn’t commit to anything else. I’m seriously in love with it. So here you have it, even more black and white…

Since making a conscious effort to get out more lately, I’m feeling way too familiar with the Dumbarton Rd – Sauchiehall St. stretch, and most of the time for photos it doesn’t get a look in. I think I’m just fed up of walking up and down it. So the photos didn’t start until we we pushed through the centre of town, making a proper start at City of Glasgow College.

It’s not often I take portrait photos, but here’s a couple to start with.

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Tuesday/Wednesday: I shot a Puppy

On Monday I woke to a message that asked if I could get down to Leeds to shoot for a social network campaign for a company.

I’m not actually sure what – if anything – I’m allowed to say about it, so I guess this is a bit vague but I pretty much booked my travel and went to spend an afternoon photographing a puppy and to be honest that’s not the worst way to spend a day. I’m saying that, and I’m not even a dog person.

Though I might be a little bit now.

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fujifilm x-pro2 test shooting jpeg only with black and white acros film simulation by glasgow photographer lee jones

Shooting with Fuji X-Pro2, ACROS Film Simulation

As regular readers will know, I shoot almost exclusively with a Fuji X-Pro2. With it I got myself the xf18mmf2 lens (a 28mm full frame equivalent, if you’re interested in those details), and this blog will feature photos from that combo bar from a few exceptions where I experimented with an old Pentax SMC 1.7 50mm (75mm full frame equivalent).

fujifilm x-pro2 test shooting jpeg only with black and white acros film simulation by glasgow photographer lee jones

Before I put a deposit down for the X-Pro2, I’d read a few photographers praising the JPEG output at 2000 ISO which sounded pretty ridiculous to me until I tried it out for myself. I’ve found the noise/grain structure doesn’t distract from the photograph, and I’ve comfortably shot up to 8000 ISO (and still pushed the JPEG with satisfying results).

Take this late evening low-light shot as an example…

fujifilm x-pro2 test shooting jpeg only with black and white acros film simulation by glasgow photographer lee jones

I won’t start with the dumb “it’s like you’re shooting film!” drivel as the two are still very much their own thing, but the attention to detail Fuji have gone to with the film simulations (such as the grain structure being sized according to the ISO selected) means it looks real bloody good.

Check out that tonal range.

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