Christmas at Cathouse

New Year’s Eve tomorrow, meaning Christmas is finally done and last night marked my final shift of the year at Catty.

I don’t particularly celebrate Christmas and this year I put a solid effort in despite not having a place of my own to live and numerous other things that crept up along the way. Inevitably I burned myself out and went back to my old ways, but I at least managed to deal with it better.

Doesn’t matter how hopeless things get, and this year proved if you can find yerself some good cunts to be around it makes the world of difference.

Enough on that, here’s a selection of photos from over the Christmas period.

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The Necropolis and Glasgow Green with Heather

The past few months I’ve been in situations where I’ve mostly being photographing Jazz – which I am not sorry about – but I’ve noticed my blog becoming a little less varied than it used to be. So the other week I threw up an ad online for anyone who wanted to hang out and let me take their photo.

Today it happened, and so I packed my camera and headed out. I’ve been waking up real late lately, so the fact I was out the flat before 12pm was quite something.

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Office Space No More

Last week I turned 31. I had my “birthday night” out the following evening (I already posted about that here).

It’s been a long while since I celebrated my birthday, and this year I made a conscious effort to put my reservations to the side and join in.

The original plan was to have a little gathering at the flat but my living situation right now is, frankly, really fucking weird (I’m currently moving flat again for the 3rd time in 7 weeks) so instead I opted to just spend the day with Jazz. Go for a meal out, and to take some photos in the studio space I was hiring as I’d only managed to arrange access to it a couple days prior (despite renting it since mid-November) due to moving and being out of the country a bunch.

We passed the Christmas Market on the way in.


To-fish & Chips and a Pizza that I can’t pronounce followed by a banana split and cheese cake from Mono. 100% vegan. Banging.

Jazz’s ‘Pretty Hate Machine’ tee is rad.


Stephen was in the area and was considering hiring a space at the studio, so after our meal we arranged to meet so I could show him around. He also presented me with birthday bucky.


The night took an unexpected turn when Jassy, a lass who I shared the studio space with appeared moments after we sat down and got our cameras out. She initially blanked us on entering to collect some jam, and then quietly left. A few minutes later, as we were chatting about the space, came back in on some irrational power play, standing over me, saying how I “made no effort to come in and get to know us” and “this is OUR workspace, what are you doing?”, criticising me for not being around and dismissing the blatant fact that I was there to do some work and had payed my rent anyway.

I clocked that Jassy was uncomfortable confronting me, and I was almost pathetically passive about the whole thing to the point where I just handed over the keys when asked for them, and offered to leave before she demanded I leave anyway, asking me on the way out “why are you such an idiot?”.

Why I was treated that way, I have no idea. I can only assume she took some personal issue with me before making the effort to talk to me in person. Maybe it was the Birthday Bucky Stephen had brought for me. I guess I’ll never know.


I guess that’s it, really. I had a lovely birthday meal out and then went and got my arse handed to me by some jumped up irrational jam loving art-student type. I’m sure she’s actually a lovely person under the right circumstances, but coming in in full-blown cunt mode there’s somethings you can’t come back from.

On the bright side, I took some dumb photos of Jazz on the way in. The colours glaring through the wet windows were something. So here you go. Until next year.

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This is the second of a two parter on my birthday. I haven’t written the first part yet, but that will follow in a few days or so.

To be honest, I probably wasn’t even going to write a birthday blog but given that the day culminated in my ejection from the studio space I’d been hiring for approximately 52 minutes, I figured I’ll write something about it.

Anyway, this is a selection of photos from the catty as I was working as per. A few pals came along, and I got real drunk and apparently ordered 12 corn on’t cobs from KFC afterwards.

There’s 31 photos here, and I swear that was a coincidence.

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Donate A Christmas Dinner

Obviously being homeless sucks any time of year, let alone being stuck on the streets in the cold right now and it’s only set to get worse.

I’ve been in brief states of homelessness in the past, though managed to get by thanks to the support of very generous friends who have put me up and helped me out when shit hit the fan, so thankfully I’ve never ended up in a situation where I’ve been on the street like way too many of us humans are.

If you follow the link at the bottom of this post you can buy as many xmas dinners for a fiver as you like (with 100% of the money going to Social Bite) to ensure that people who need it get some hot fuel on Christmas Day and maybe they’ll feel that their situation isn’t as shitty for at least a few minutes.

Photo from SocialBite.

Follow the link. Sign up. Choose the amount of dinners. Purchase.

Took me all of 2 minutes.


Donate Christmas Dinner(s) here.

Office Space

It seems the cold has hit Glasgow as last night I walked back from Catty at 2am and the temperature had dropped to -6°C. One of the few times I’ve opted to wear a coat all year.

The view from the flat this morning actually made it feel like winter for the first time, too.


I headed into the city today to pick up keys for a studio space I’m renting.

I’ve toyed with the idea of hiring a studio space for a long time, but could never really afford it and also didn’t think I’d ever leave my couch since working from home is comfortable. That said, I’ve landed myself with a pretty sweet deal and am now trying to separate work from home, so today was my first day in my new shared space.

Got a wee corner set up, and by set up I mean I have a laptop and a camera because I’m basic as shit.

There’s even a dog roaming around, so I’m into it.


I’m just quietly hoping the novelty of a dog kicking about wears off, as I fear I may end up paying monthly to just pet the damn thing.

VSCO: Edits on The Go.

Aside from being increasingly annoyed at the Northern Travel Safety Officers doing their patrol and filming each passengers face between the stops I had a pretty dull train journey to kill last night, so I decided to try take my mind off it by editing a few photos of Jazz from my previous couple of days in Liverpool. I didn’t have my laptop with me. Enter VSCO.

It’s been a while.

My X-Pro2 has a pretty straightforward wifi mode which means I can easy transfer from camera to phone, and anyone remotely familiar with mobile photo apps will recognise the basic import>apply filter>upload process.

It’s a similar principle here, except there’s a bunch more you can do with VSCO over, say, Instagram. The customisable filter packs, with the opportunity to buy more if you want.

VSCO also imports photos from your camera at full resolution, and offers the choice of what resolution to export at.

I edited these pretty basic, as all were processed with either c1 or c3 presets with a few tweaks.

Blanket alterations being contrast (1)sharpen (2.5)clarity (2), and saturation (1.4).

With individual alterations to temperature, and vignette being made to preference for each photo. Everything else remained untouched this time.

My usual editing workflow is pretty minimal as is, but using VSCO again after this time made it feel fun again. I’ll maybe keep some time aside each month and pick a few photos to edit them in this way, it’s nice to keep the process feeling fresh.