Liverpool Apartment shoot with JAZZebell_

I headed to Liverpool for a couple of days to see JAZZebell_. I caught the bus, as usual and that took a few hours.

We’d booked an apartment for the night as she was celebrating being sober for an entire month. Jazz’s pretty good at scoping out deals and managed to bag a nicely sized private apartment in the city centre for £30. Nice.


I cooked her an evening meal, and we ate all the ice cream we could get, and I made breakfast the following morning.

By the time we got out of bed, we had an hour before check out and managed a quick 25 minute shoot in the apartment. I live streamed it on Instagram which was a first for me, and aside from my MacBook almost having it’s life reach an unnatural end, it went fine.

Right, here’s some photos and they get nsfw pretty quick.

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Manchester Apartment shoot with Ruby

After my two days in Liverpool I was ready for home but as I was preparing to leave Ruby got in touch and said she was game for a shoot if ever I was in Manchester, which happened to be on my way back.

I hadn’t actually met Ruby before so I obviously jumped off the bus in Manchester to meet her and we headed straight back to her apartment to hang out and shoot some photos.

Ruby, Manchester-1Ruby, Manchester-10Ruby, Manchester-44
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Riding Elevators

Occasionally I’ll poke around my archive and notice a pattern in photos, and for a while I’ve been meaning to post a collection of elevator selfies.

A few of my favourite films have memorable elevator scenes (Die Hard, Terminator 2, Vanilla Sky), and so I guess this is where the fascination comes from.

I’m not that big on my own photo being taken, but I’m partial to the occasional selfie. Maybe there’s a comfort in having a camera covering half yer face? I dunno. Either way, here’s a few I’ve taken solo or with people on my journeys back in 2017.

And before you ask, yeah I pretty much wear the same thing every day of the year.

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International Women’s Day

I did a big print session in town earlier today collecting a load of prints for my backers on patreon, but it’s also International Women’s Day so I printed 6 extras and I figured I’d put together a fundraiser to raise money for Women’s Aid, a charity working to help prevent women and children from suffering domestic abuse.

I don’t have much money myself but I hope that by having these 6 prints up for grabs I can generate some donations. I’ve set the goal to £100 but it would be amazing to smash that!

I wanted to do this in a way that ensures I don’t receive a penny, and so I set up my fundraiser on MyDonate so 100% of the money goes direct to the charity.

So if yer into my photography and that – or just generally want to do something good – then there’s worse things you can do with your time and money!


Donate now!

Waking up with JAZZebell_ (video)

A few days ago I edited together a video that I shot of Jazz like 10 months ago.

The footage has been stored on my hdd ever since we shot it and I just never got around to putting it together for whatever reason. I get the impression Jazz wants to film a ton more stuff so I guess this won’t be the last of these you see, and I hope to get them done much sooner than every ten months.


It was pretty trippy putting it together and watching it back. We filmed it in my old bedroom in Glasgow and it brought back like a million memories.

This is also my first time putting a video like this together so I hope you dig it. If you don’t then at least it’s only 3.5 minutes you wasted and there’s not much I can do about that.

I want to film more stuff like this, and I’m pleased to say a few people I’ve photographed before are into it so I’m hoping it all goes to plan. Also, if you yourself want something like this doing just drop me a message, I’m sure we can figure it out!

Anyway, in future most of these videos are going to be Patreon only. So if you want access to content like this, and the 2,500+ (to date) photos that are on there, be sure to sign up!

The One With All The Dog Walking

I’m out on the regular with Robyn and I take a lot of photos, but as I never got chance to post the last lot here’s a two-in-one sorta deal. Besides, looking at photos of dogs is hardly the worst thing in the world.

On Saturday morning Robyn asked if I wanted to go out with the dogs. I was supposed to be charging my spare batteries as I was working the evening so had to turn it down, but shortly after that the power to the village went out and so I was stuck in doors not doing anything. I guess I just had to go out then. So out she came with her dogs, complete with pyjamas.

Robyn, Sherburn-3
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Por Favor at Scarborough Market Hall

The weekend saw Por Favor return to Scarborough with their night of House, Tech House, and Techno.

The last time I photographed these guys, the event was held at the Scarborough Brewery which is a much smaller venue when compared to the Market Hall in the centre of town.

The Market Hall is a huge space and I was sceptical on how the sound would work out, but fortunately I know shit about that and the sound was great and the place was sold out. Rad.

I mostly stayed off the drink too which is rare for me when shooting nights like this and I still had a great time. I think it’s probably one of only a handful of times I’ve not personally had some drama unfold just from fucking existing in this town. So shout out to all the people behind Por Favor for making it happen and for it being a good positive space with everyone just having fun.

Those familiar with my usual club work will notice I shot the DJs without flash. I think the promoters wanted something a little more natural looking for the DJs so I just scrapped all I know on a whim, which could quite easily have been a disaster. Turns out I kinda like it, and I guess not everything has to be shot like it’s a punk gig.

That said I did still take a flash for the crowd stuff ’cause I hate soulless party photos, and the colours almost always look rad with the slower shutter speeds.

For any photographers reading, I shot the DJs using a Fuji Xpro2 shooting at 35mm at f2 without flash, and used a Nikon D610 shooting at 20mm at f9 with flash for the crowd stuff.

Anyway, here’s a selection of photos from the night.

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