Flat Party with Kitty & Leah

Yesterday saw Kitty returning to Glasgow for a brief over night stay, and she brought her pal Leah – a lass who in her own words makes “cups of tea for naked people” – ok, then.

The weather was good. So good in fact that I’m just going to blame the heat for how quickly I got drunk during the day, which was my reason for the early night…

Kitty is returning for a week next month with Jazz and I think their plan is to book a load of shoots while doing their cam-girl work from the flat during their down time, so I’m sure there’ll be a whole bunch of photos to follow with that.

Here’s few of the more suitable photos from the night.

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Woodland with Kitty Misfit

A couple of years ago I spent an afternoon with Kitty and we shot a few different sets in a bunch of different locations.

One of those – the one you’re about to view – was shot for her pay-site. I’m not exactly sure why but the original site ended up going down, not that that matters now because her site has relaunched so you can go and check it out here.

Anyway, this particular set wasn’t considered explicit enough for the new content she’s currently posting, which is no problem, it means I get to share it here and I can’t imagine there being any complaints with that.

Kitty is rad and she’s coming to visit me in Glasgow soon which means we’ll get to shoot a whole bunch of new stuff.

The following gets pretty NSFW.

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Glasgow based ambient artist Kupo releases Amber

Kupo – Amber

For the past few weeks or so, I’ve been holed up with Jeffels creating a vast array of sounds for different music projects that we’re both involved in. It started with the completion of the Crow Road EP, a split between Cuhto (me) and Kupo (Jeffels) featuring ambient drones and loops, with the premise being we’d both create separate songs using the same singular source sound. For anyone interested, Crow Road will be released on cassette tape next month through Cow Tongue Taco Records.

Around a week ago, I forwarded Jeffels a short piece of piano that I’d recorded and this past week he’s been tinkering with that, creating and pushing new sounds out of it and it’s culminated with a beautiful 12+minute track. Kupo’s debut release ‘Amber’ dishes out some zags so don’t go thinking you’ve just got a simple drone here. Far from it.

TLDR: If yer into ambient music then this is really bloody good. Check it out. Listen loud.

Glasgow band Magnificent Bastard release debut Play Some Rap Music EP on Cow Tongue Taco Records

New Release: Magnificent Bastard

A band I started with my pals Iain and Jordan recorded an EP in a brewery in Scarborough just days before I moved to Glasgow last January.

Various projects have come along since the move, and this EP ended up taking a backseat while I sorted my shit out up here.

Glasgow band Magnificent Bastard release debut Play Some Rap Music EP on Cow Tongue Taco Records

It’s all done now, though – and our debut Play Some Rap Music EP is available on bandcamp for digital download, or you can even grab a limited edition cassette (there’s only 10, with some cassette only b-sides) through Cow Tongue Taco Records.

Glasgow band Magnificent Bastard release debut Play Some Rap Music EP on Cow Tongue Taco Records

We put a video out yesterday for the track No Future. Check it below.

Riverside Transport Museum with Emma.

I’ve kinda ground to a halt with a few things recently while I’ve been dealing with various meetings and things to do with the flat.

That said, Emma ended up having a free day today so I decided to take a day out from everything and go for a walk. She’s been wanting to visit the transport museum for a while and I hadn’t managed to go there yet despite it being only a ten minute walk from my flat (note to self: Get out again).

We headed to the Hunterian Museum afterwards, so there’s a few photos from that included towards the end.

I’ve managed to fall in love with my X-Pro2 even more the past couple of weeks and have found I’m shooting pretty much entirely in jpeg now. The jpegs are beautiful and there’s barely any tweaking in Lightroom anymore (the black and whites were converted from classic chrome, with some added contrast etc.) – besides, I’m all for making my already considerably fast work-flow even faster.

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NIN: Not The Actual Events, Physical Component

I don’t really collect or have that much interest for physical packages by bands anymore, and it’s not because I don’t enjoy physical editions, I actually prefer them. I just like to travel light and keep my possessions to a minimum. But every once in a while, something special comes along.

When NIN announced their latest EP a few months ago, it was listed as a vinyl along with a ‘physical component’, presented as a blank dark object. This got my attention over the vinyl, so I bought it immediately. At worst I figured it’d be a CD with interesting packaging, and because NIN’s art direction has always captured my attention I definitely wouldn’t be too bummed out to receive a CD despite not be able to play it on anything.

It finally arrived in the post today, and there’s no CD or anything to play the EP with (which isn’t an issue, I got the .wav download at the time of purchase).

I’ve kept a loose eye on forums about it, and had seen a few photos, but nothing too in depth as I didn’t want to completely spoil the process of discovering the artwork myself – Then I read that people are receiving the packages with different variations of the artwork, so I’m uploading here for reference to any die hard fans that want to compare.

It gets messy.

To NIN fans waiting for their package, spoilers ahead.

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