i have been restoring and archiving my great uncles slides for some time now, and sharing a few online as i go. it's a long process and is definitely a labour of love. a few months ago Nate "Igor" Smith responded to one of the slides i shared and switched me on to Carousel Curated, a community-run project, overseen by Oliver Dahl & Felix Denomme, archiving & immortalizing old slides on the blockchain
"Carousel Curated aims to become the world’s largest archive of found slide film. This ongoing catalog documents the pre-internet photographed human experience. Before the digital age, color positive slide film was used by professional and amateur photographers alike to display their work in slideshows. These images have been recovered through a global effort to archive photographs that would otherwise have been lost to dust and age in attics, antique shops, and flea markets."
by this point i'd been aware of NFTs for around a year and i wanted to get involved straight away, but i ended up just keeping a loose eye on the NFT space without being completely involved as the initial start up cost was not something i could afford... but submitting to Carousel Curated would mean that would be taken care of, thanks to Obscura.
"Obscura was created to enable and set free the creative possibilities for photographers. Many photographic stories are left untold for lack of funding. This platform is an opportunity to facilitate photographers to pursue their projects through the sales of NFTs."
of course, there was no guarantee that submitting to the project would be successful. the collection required 80 slides (matching the capacity of the Kodak Carousel), and photographers submitted over 1,000.
however, i'm happy to announce that three of my submissions were accepted, and are now available in the first Carousel Curated drop. it's quite something viewing all of the photos together in this collection. list price is .22 ETH, and if you're an NFT collector and end up with one of my pieces, please reach out as i would love to provide you with a signed physical print.
i've displayed mine here, with a direct link immediately below.
the collection is available now on OpenSea, please click through for the full collection.
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