mid-2020, some point after the first lockdown there was a vague notion of things getting back to 'normal'. and for the first time in what felt like an age, people were taking to the streets again. it was far from the normal we all remembered, but it was something. avoiding public transport, i took to regularly walking the few miles into the city centre with a camera, sometimes alone and sometimes to meet a friend or two. i'm naturally a shy and reserved person, and a few months of isolation during a pandemic really hammered that home. being around people was anxiety inducing. i needed to try and do something about it.

over a period of a few weeks, i forced myself to interact with strangers and ask to take their portraits in the street. the photos weren't staged, prioritising a quick face-on shot in the moment i'd been given their blessing. i typically made two or three frames, to allow for focus/blinking, but that was it.
it was a succes in that i'd actively challenged myself and got some results that i am pleased with, but less of a success in that looking at the selection now, it's glaringly obvious how much more comfortable i felt approaching men.
scotland has been in varying states of lockdown pretty much since the beginning of covid, and after these photos my interactions with the public became less and less. as it is now 2022, i want to challenge myself to approach strangers again, but to also achieve a better balance of the people and cultures in glasgow.
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