I'm no gamer. Not anymore. After being a pretty heavy PC gamer in my teens, I got out of it. The last console I bought new was probably the PS3. Though I've dabbled since, and had a couple of loaner PS4's, my actual time spent playing games has been minimal.
But Cyberpunk 2077 caught my eye. I followed it until release, saw the shitstorm that unfolded due to being broken and unplayable, and I just... left it? Cut to a year later or something, it had been patched a couple of times, a completely different game compared to release apparantly, and I got curious again. Maybe I could be a gamer again? I bought a PS5 and Cyberpunk 2077 and 60 hours in, just lost steam. I started the game again, for some reason. Maybe having tits instead of a dick would be fun?
It's not.
For a brief moment though, it started well. The city felt rich and that it would reward exploring, but I soon found I didn't care about any of it. I'd clickthrough items so the game would register the progress, not taking in anything. The yellow mission marker appearing every 5 meters to ensure you stay on the correct path dumbed it down to a point where reading anything felt like a waste of time anyway.
Overall it just feels like a game that was too cautious of being Deus Ex that it didn't see itself becoming GTA: 2077.
Anyway, the game is still relatively nice to look at, and it makes for some nice black and white photography moments. Maybe I'll try another game. Or maybe I'll just stick to wandering around this city photographing its ultraviolence and letting my tits hang out for no reason other than I can and it's better than being outside when it's raining.
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