Tuesday/Wednesday: I shot a Puppy

On Monday I woke to a message that asked if I could get down to Leeds to shoot for a social network campaign for a company.

I’m not actually sure what – if anything – I’m allowed to say about it, so I guess this is a bit vague but I pretty much booked my travel and went to spend an afternoon photographing a puppy and to be honest that’s not the worst way to spend a day. I’m saying that, and I’m not even a dog person.

Though I might be a little bit now.

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fujifilm x-pro2 test shooting jpeg only with black and white acros film simulation by glasgow photographer lee jones

Shooting with Fuji X-Pro2, ACROS Film Simulation

As regular readers will know, I shoot almost exclusively with a Fuji X-Pro2. With it I got myself the xf18mmf2 lens (a 28mm full frame equivalent, if you’re interested in those details), and this blog will feature photos from that combo bar from a few exceptions where I experimented with an old Pentax SMC 1.7 50mm (75mm full frame equivalent).

fujifilm x-pro2 test shooting jpeg only with black and white acros film simulation by glasgow photographer lee jones

Before I put a deposit down for the X-Pro2, I’d read a few photographers praising the JPEG output at 2000 ISO which sounded pretty ridiculous to me until I tried it out for myself. I’ve found the noise/grain structure doesn’t distract from the photograph, and I’ve comfortably shot up to 8000 ISO (and still pushed the JPEG with satisfying results).

Take this late evening low-light shot as an example…

fujifilm x-pro2 test shooting jpeg only with black and white acros film simulation by glasgow photographer lee jones

I won’t start with the dumb “it’s like you’re shooting film!” drivel as the two are still very much their own thing, but the attention to detail Fuji have gone to with the film simulations (such as the grain structure being sized according to the ISO selected) means it looks real bloody good.

Check out that tonal range.

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TUESDAY: 35mm Fail.

As you may have noticed, last week I started blogging a whole bunch more and even started vlogging which feels weird, and if I’m honest I can’t imagine getting wholly used to that sort of thing but I will continue anyway since Jeffels is pushing me to do it.

Shooting Fuji-Xpro2 with ACROS Film Simulation in Glasgow by Photographer Lee Jones

The biscuit factory I tried to get into last week ended up getting completely demolished so that plan tanked, and because I ended up busy with a bunch of other projects I mostly stayed in the flat from Thursday – I still got shit done though, and the week culminated with me releasing Under Blue Moon (a new EP from Magnificent Bastard), and to top it off I also received news that Amber is flying over from LA to stay in Glasgow with me in June. Pretty fucking neat.

Today I continued where I left off last week, and got out of the house and walked a bunch of miles and turned it into a little photo mission with Jeffels.

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Wednesday: “and it’s all falling to bits!”

Third day in a row of sun in Glasgow. Insane.

Jeffels & Emma, Glasgow Centre-1

Wednesday doesn’t get a vlog, the day took an unexpected hit in that I had to get the screen repaired on my iPhone before the warranty expired because I leave everything until the last minute, and that managed to take three hours – so instead I met Emma with Jeffels for a coffee and we just hung out and walked around the centre.

All wasn’t lost though, I managed to take 30 or so photographs for a new photo book (that I am keeping quiet about for the time being) but what I can say is that I am currently looking at getting published somewhere down the line. The meetings I’m currently attending are filling me with optimism, which actually makes me uncomfortable but I might as well try and embrace it for the time being if it’s gonna help me get off my arse.

Besides, if all goes tits up I can always look at self-publishing.

Jeffels & Emma, Glasgow Centre-2

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Tuesday: Ritual Murder

Continuing on from yesterday, I decided to get out of the flat again to stack up some miles and take a bunch of photos.

I’d watched my pal Omar’s vlog from an abandoned factory in the city in the Kinning Park area the other day and decided it would be a good place to go and scope out. It was a few miles walk away from the flat, which was immediately perfect.

I was gearing up to head on my own, but then my flatmate Jeffels surfaced from his pit earlier than usual so we got gone together with a camera each.

fujifilm x-pro2 test shooting jpeg only with black and white acros film simulation by glasgow photographer lee jones

After we crossed the Clyde and approached from Govan Road, we took some photos from the outside and besides from a few work trucks dotted around, the site looked empty.

We wandered around to make sure while looking for a more suitable and less obvious entrance than the front gate. As we started to make our way in, it became evident that we’d shown up during the workmen’s lunch break as they all came back to the site to continue demolishing the place.

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Monday: Go.

I don’t know what came over me, but I woke up and decided to stop being a lazy piece of shit yesterday. I sleep with the blinds open, so maybe it was the sunlight beaming into my eyes making me realised it was a bloody nice day for a change.

I pumped the tyres up on my bike, drank some water, and got gone for a bit with my camera.

Lately I’ve been shooting JPEG only with ACROS with the X-Pro2 and that’s something I’ll cover properly in another post that I’ve got planned for a later date, but anyway, the point of this blog today really is to just keep myself going. I’ve got a lot to look forward to in the coming months, and it’d be both easy and stupid to just rot for days/weeks at a time waiting for it, especially as I’d just be moping along in autopilot not tackling the shit that’s actually festering in my brain.

I’m even trying my hand at vlogging, there’s a link at the bottom of these photos. Anyway, photos, here you go:

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Glasgow based ambient artist Kupo releases Amber

Kupo – Amber

For the past few weeks or so, I’ve been holed up with Jeffels creating a vast array of sounds for different music projects that we’re both involved in. It started with the completion of the Crow Road EP, a split between Cuhto (me) and Kupo (Jeffels) featuring ambient drones and loops, with the premise being we’d both create separate songs using the same singular source sound. For anyone interested, Crow Road will be released on cassette tape next month through Cow Tongue Taco Records.

Around a week ago, I forwarded Jeffels a short piece of piano that I’d recorded and this past week he’s been tinkering with that, creating and pushing new sounds out of it and it’s culminated with a beautiful 12+minute track. Kupo’s debut release ‘Amber’ dishes out some zags so don’t go thinking you’ve just got a simple drone here. Far from it.

TLDR: If yer into ambient music then this is really bloody good. Check it out. Listen loud.