Radiomoths: A Spotlight

Good morning! A little while ago on my travels I was interviewed by Kae about my photography and that. Our original talk was after a bottle of vodka and memories of the night are uncertain, so instead I answered questions again a little later via email. That email exchange is here.

Being asked questions will forever make me uncomfortable but you gotta try, eh.


Radiomoths belongs to photographer and all round nice bloke, Lee Jones.  I first met Lee outside a bar in Scarborough where he was shooting nightlife pictures of routine Wednesday night carnage.  My friend had just been ejected from the venue due to his somewhat hammered state and I was annoyed as I’d just bought a not very cheap round of cocktails.

I recognised Lee as being the chap I had just started stalking on social media the weekend before after seeing his amazing photos taken during a frankly hilarious visit to Scarborough by the EDL.  And the subsequent irritation of rational thinking residents.  I approached Lee and handed him one of the drinks asking him if he wanted it.  He accepted without even asking what was in it.  And a friendship was born.

lee 1.png The horse that took an instant dislike to Lee.  But proved it’s worth as a model.


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Office Space

It seems the cold has hit Glasgow as last night I walked back from Catty at 2am and the temperature had dropped to -6°C. One of the few times I’ve opted to wear a coat all year.

The view from the flat this morning actually made it feel like winter for the first time, too.


I headed into the city today to pick up keys for a studio space I’m renting.

I’ve toyed with the idea of hiring a studio space for a long time, but could never really afford it and also didn’t think I’d ever leave my couch since working from home is comfortable. That said, I’ve landed myself with a pretty sweet deal and am now trying to separate work from home, so today was my first day in my new shared space.

Got a wee corner set up, and by set up I mean I have a laptop and a camera because I’m basic as shit.

There’s even a dog roaming around, so I’m into it.


I’m just quietly hoping the novelty of a dog kicking about wears off, as I fear I may end up paying monthly to just pet the damn thing.

“Disco Tits”

I think it was around April I got a message from Jazz. Her living situation had just taken a drastic change, “can I come crash for a bit?”. Straight off the bat I knew it was gonna be more than a bit, but I’ll admit that even I didn’t expect it to turn into a full six month stint.

Me and Jeffels are quiet types, and Jazz has energy for more than the both of us. Though this always made trips to the Cathouse extra fun.

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Tenants’ Rights for Landlord’s Wrongs: Standing up to Countrywide with Living Rent Glasgow


“We are a democratic organisation run by and for tenants.
We want homes for people, not for profit; to redress the power imbalance between landlords and tenants; and ensure that everyone has decent and affordable housing.

We believe in the collective power of tenants to come together to fight for their rights, and use diverse tactics – including direct action when necessary – to achieve this.

We are not affiliated to any political party, but recognise the importance of influencing parties and politicians and holding them to account.”

Aside from to a few pals, Jeffels and I haven’t really mentioned the endless issues we’ve experienced with Countrywide over our time renting from them in Glasgow. A lot of the problems I’m not going to write about publicly just yet, but I feel now is a good time for us to start being vocal. I mean, 9 months out of a 12 month tenancy is a long ass time to be simultaneously harassed and ignored.

After being informed by the council that our Landlord had been issued with a Rent Penalty Notice (preventing the collection of rent from us while under investigation), and that Countrywide were persisting to try and collect rent, we met with Dan of Living Rent a couple of weeks ago for a general chat about the situation, and to see if it was something Living Rent would be able to help us with. Turns out it was, and the following week we’d had a second meeting with Dan and Sean to plan a suitable course of action. There was an eagerness in all of us to get on with this right away, so the first step was an emergency picket held outside Countrywide’s office on Byres Road today.

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Glasgow based ambient artist Kupo releases Amber

Kupo – Amber

For the past few weeks or so, I’ve been holed up with Jeffels creating a vast array of sounds for different music projects that we’re both involved in. It started with the completion of the Crow Road EP, a split between Cuhto (me) and Kupo (Jeffels) featuring ambient drones and loops, with the premise being we’d both create separate songs using the same singular source sound. For anyone interested, Crow Road will be released on cassette tape next month through Cow Tongue Taco Records.

Around a week ago, I forwarded Jeffels a short piece of piano that I’d recorded and this past week he’s been tinkering with that, creating and pushing new sounds out of it and it’s culminated with a beautiful 12+minute track. Kupo’s debut release ‘Amber’ dishes out some zags so don’t go thinking you’ve just got a simple drone here. Far from it.

TLDR: If yer into ambient music then this is really bloody good. Check it out. Listen loud.

Glasgow band Magnificent Bastard release debut Play Some Rap Music EP on Cow Tongue Taco Records

New Release: Magnificent Bastard

A band I started with my pals Iain and Jordan recorded an EP in a brewery in Scarborough just days before I moved to Glasgow last January.

Various projects have come along since the move, and this EP ended up taking a backseat while I sorted my shit out up here.

Glasgow band Magnificent Bastard release debut Play Some Rap Music EP on Cow Tongue Taco Records

It’s all done now, though – and our debut Play Some Rap Music EP is available on bandcamp for digital download, or you can even grab a limited edition cassette (there’s only 10, with some cassette only b-sides) through Cow Tongue Taco Records.

Glasgow band Magnificent Bastard release debut Play Some Rap Music EP on Cow Tongue Taco Records

We put a video out yesterday for the track No Future. Check it below.