Goodbye Patreon, Hello OnlyFans.

A message I left over on my Patreon before leaving:

A huge thank you to current and former patrons for taking the time to support me and my photography since opening this account in April 2017.

The financial help has added up significantly over the past 15 months and without you, I simply wouldn’t have been able to take care of the things I have month-by-month in order to travel to the places I have done.

I’ve travelled literal thousands of miles, photographed so many people, and had more rad experiences than I can count.

My decision to leave Patreon has come due to the increasing pressure models and sex workers face making it difficult for them to earn a living without their accounts being suspended/terminated with zero notice, and I’m standing with them in solidarity and ditching this platform due to their ties with PayPal.

I’m starting over, which means my funds are back to zero.

This is where OnlyFans comes in, and if you’re quick you can snap access up for an introductory rate of $5 while I get things running!

As you’re familiar with here, OnlyFans is a rolling subscription, charged monthly and you are free to cancel whenever you like. Importantly, the 5,400+ photos on my private blog are still available to you, and when you sign up to OnlyFans you’ll receive the new password!

From here on out, I will continue to update the b-sides blog and you will receive all new content notifications via OnlyFans.

I hope you’ll join me.


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A month without Facebook

It’s been a year to the day since I released my first photography zine, and this past month I’ve spent a little time curating photos for a second zine, with a third one all but printed and assembled, and a vague plan for a fourth one that’s a little more ambitious for later in the year that may or may not actually involve Kickstarter… time will tell.

Music-wise, I’m tying up loose ends from an EP for my band Magnificent Bastard which was pretty much all recorded bar the vocals over a goddamn year ago, and the second and third EPs have been taking shape this month as well. No idea when I’ll release them, but they’re getting done and it feels good.

Anyway, the point being is I’ve been without a personal Facebook account for a month and I’m starting to feel more focused now. I’d find it too easy to say ‘I hate Facebook’; I don’t, I just dislike the fact that sometimes I get a bit too sucked into it and I guess distancing yourself from these things can do good. Aside from a few aspects in my offline life which need sorting the hell out, creatively at least I feel like I’m on fire.

I’m blogging more regularly than I have in over a year and I’ve got more shit done than I realised and that’s even including taking two weeks out to go back home and visit friends and family.

There’s no photos so this is probably boring as hell right now, so I’ll leave it here and just I’m going to try and let this ‘No Facebook’ thing spill throughout February while I’m at it, and try to get the majority of these projects finished.


Kitty Misfit from Newcastle in Chester-le-Street's River Wear by Lee Jones

In a river with Kitty Misfit

Last week I was due down in York as I had to give evidence in court.


The train was quiet which was bliss, but the whole process turned into a shambles as I was notified of the hearing being cancelled after I had arrived. Brilliant.


It ended up being quick stay over, so I dropped Kitty a message as she lives in Newcastle and figured we could shoot some photos and I could split my journey back to Glasgow in half. She was game. Result.

Kitty Misfit from Newcastle in Chester-le-Street's River Wear by Lee Jones

From this point on, the photos get a bit NSFW – so continue or look away or whatever wanna do.
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It’s been a while since I’ve done anything band related and here’s some photos from Magnificent Bastard recording drums in a brewery for our debut EP.


Last night, we managed to lay down the drums for a 3-track EP.

Here’s some photos.

Magnificent Bastard, Brewery-7120Magnificent Bastard, Brewery-7121Magnificent Bastard, Brewery-7123Magnificent Bastard, Brewery-7125Magnificent Bastard, Brewery-7126Magnificent Bastard, Brewery-7128Magnificent Bastard, Brewery-7129Magnificent Bastard, Brewery-7131Magnificent Bastard, Brewery-7132Magnificent Bastard, Brewery-7134Magnificent Bastard, Brewery-7135Magnificent Bastard, Brewery-7139Magnificent Bastard, Brewery-7140Magnificent Bastard, Brewery-7146Magnificent Bastard, Brewery-7151

Massive thanks to Jim and Nick for their tech-wizardry and helping us sort our shit out, and Scarborough Brewery for letting us invade their space for the evening.

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