Introducing: Pinned & Fabulous

Stephen and myself have ventured into the world of soft enamel pin badges.

Our first design, a ‘Gay Boy’ Gameboy is now available to purchase and with a cut of the proceeds going direct to the Kaleidoscope Trust in support of upholding the human rights of LGBT people internationally you’ll not only be supporting our new venture, but also be doing others worldwide a solid too. Winner.

Pick one (or a few) up at our store and follow us on instagram.

They’re rad.




photo zines by Lee Jones

CVNTED: eBook edition & New Zines

I’ve had a bunch of people asking me if they can get a hold of my photo-zine, CVNTED, and I’m not in any rush to re-print that when I’ve got others to go ahead with, so instead I’ve put out CVNTED: eBook edition. If you buy it (or bought one of the limited edition physical copies) then if you’d take a minute to follow the link and give it a star rating or something you’d be doing me a solid.

extract from cvnted ebook edition available exclusively through amazon by lee jones1931

Anyway, the new zines…

Right, the first of two physical zines is called WHO ARE THESE FUCKING PEOPLE?! and I’m just sorting through thousands of nightlife photos to find ones to include. There’s a lot of fun photos, so this is going to be difficult. I’ve been working on it for a while, and it’s starting to take form. This should be an 84 page thing when it’s finally done.

The second of the two physical zines is called YOU USED TO CALL ME FROM A PHONE BOX. It’s a short zine, photographs of phone boxes (duh), I think there’s like 20 pages and it’s designed by myself and Amy McIlhenny and is nearly ready to be assembled by hand in a proper DIY fashion, so we’re only going to make a very small run of like 15 or 20… The zine is more interesting than it sounds, but maybe that’s just me? No one will buy this shit.

photo zines by Lee Jones

I’ll be posting more when I can, but just wanted to share CVNTED: eBook edition with you incase you can’t tell by how often it has been mentioned in this blog just now.

radiomoths youtube channel by lee jones

Radiomoths is on YouTube

I’ve been slow with the whole YouTube thing. I’ve had various accounts for years, but rarely posted content.

There’s a dog barking like crazy outside and it’s massively distracting and I’ve already forgotten the bulk of what I was going to post, so I’ll just say that I am making an effort to post video blogs from different times I go out with my camera and of whatever it is I’m photographing.

These first two are basic – just clips from my snapchat along with a few photos after the editing process – in future I’ll film with more of a video blog in mind, so if this is the kinda thing that appeals to you then you should go and subscribe to my channel.