RADIOMOTHS: Online Store Launch

Rather than fumbling about dealing with direct messages, I’m trying to make buying my stuff easier. So you want secure payments over PayPal? No problem. I’ve just launched a shop within my website. Let’s have a look what’s available…



A fair while back I launched a kickstarter and funded and sold my first photography zine CVNTED. Since then, I have also release You Used To Call Me From A Phone Box.


I’ve got more zines in the works, but for now and for only £5, you can get these right here.


A little while ago, Stephen and myself ran Pinned & Fabulous, and sold our own soft-enamel pin badges.


There’s limited stock left, and once they’re gone they’re gone.

Pins are £6 each. Choose between the ‘Angry Lemon’, ‘GayBoy (LGBT+)’, ‘Cow Tongue Taco’, and ‘Theresa May – The Wicked Witch of Westminster’.

Buy Now.


I’m listing this in the shop for people who want to access my exclusive content without signing up to my OnlyFans.

Here’s a screenshot of the blog. Each post is a gallery featuring a lot of unreleased photo.

The content is mostly 18+, but there’s a whole range of other stuff in there too.

Prices start at £7.50 for one month access, with discounts of upto 35% on purcahses of 3, 6, and 12 months!

Subscribe now.


If this works, I’ll be able to justify the extra monthly spend to upgrade my store plan to sell prints and other creations direct to you.

Goodbye Patreon, Hello OnlyFans.

A message I left over on my Patreon before leaving:

A huge thank you to current and former patrons for taking the time to support me and my photography since opening this account in April 2017.

The financial help has added up significantly over the past 15 months and without you, I simply wouldn’t have been able to take care of the things I have month-by-month in order to travel to the places I have done.

I’ve travelled literal thousands of miles, photographed so many people, and had more rad experiences than I can count.

My decision to leave Patreon has come due to the increasing pressure models and sex workers face making it difficult for them to earn a living without their accounts being suspended/terminated with zero notice, and I’m standing with them in solidarity and ditching this platform due to their ties with PayPal.

I’m starting over, which means my funds are back to zero.

This is where OnlyFans comes in, and if you’re quick you can snap access up for an introductory rate of $5 while I get things running!

As you’re familiar with here, OnlyFans is a rolling subscription, charged monthly and you are free to cancel whenever you like. Importantly, the 5,400+ photos on my private blog are still available to you, and when you sign up to OnlyFans you’ll receive the new password!

From here on out, I will continue to update the b-sides blog and you will receive all new content notifications via OnlyFans.

I hope you’ll join me.


4 copy

International Women’s Day

I did a big print session in town earlier today collecting a load of prints for my backers on patreon, but it’s also International Women’s Day so I printed 6 extras and I figured I’d put together a fundraiser to raise money for Women’s Aid, a charity working to help prevent women and children from suffering domestic abuse.

I don’t have much money myself but I hope that by having these 6 prints up for grabs I can generate some donations. I’ve set the goal to £100 but it would be amazing to smash that!

I wanted to do this in a way that ensures I don’t receive a penny, and so I set up my fundraiser on MyDonate so 100% of the money goes direct to the charity.

So if yer into my photography and that – or just generally want to do something good – then there’s worse things you can do with your time and money!


Donate now!

The ACT Prague

I arrived in Prague last night to visit my friend Des and I’m staying for a couple of weeks in the artist community theatre (The ACT Prague).

I’ll inevitably post up a ton of stuff from the time I’m spending here, but this is just a quick post to say that if you happen to be in Prague on the 17th February then they’re hosting ‘Portraits with Lee Jones‘, and serves as an opportunity for you to be photographed by me.

It felt weird and uncomfortable and pretentious writing that, but needs must.


I’ll be hanging around from 11am-6pm and if you’re in the area you can book 30 minutes for a community friendly price of 100czkbook through the venue here.

I’m pretty excited to be doing this, so hopefully it’ll be a success and more than one person will show up.


Also, now is a good time to sign up to my patreon because I’ll be posting a ton of photos from here on there first before I get back home to even think about blogging everything.

Right, I’m out of here. This dog needs my attention.


Donate A Christmas Dinner

Obviously being homeless sucks any time of year, let alone being stuck on the streets in the cold right now and it’s only set to get worse.

I’ve been in brief states of homelessness in the past, though managed to get by thanks to the support of very generous friends who have put me up and helped me out when shit hit the fan, so thankfully I’ve never ended up in a situation where I’ve been on the street like way too many of us humans are.

If you follow the link at the bottom of this post you can buy as many xmas dinners for a fiver as you like (with 100% of the money going to Social Bite) to ensure that people who need it get some hot fuel on Christmas Day and maybe they’ll feel that their situation isn’t as shitty for at least a few minutes.

Photo from SocialBite.

Follow the link. Sign up. Choose the amount of dinners. Purchase.

Took me all of 2 minutes.


Donate Christmas Dinner(s) here.

VSCO: Edits on The Go.

Aside from being increasingly annoyed at the Northern Travel Safety Officers doing their patrol and filming each passengers face between the stops I had a pretty dull train journey to kill last night, so I decided to try take my mind off it by editing a few photos of Jazz from my previous couple of days in Liverpool. I didn’t have my laptop with me. Enter VSCO.

It’s been a while.

My X-Pro2 has a pretty straightforward wifi mode which means I can easy transfer from camera to phone, and anyone remotely familiar with mobile photo apps will recognise the basic import>apply filter>upload process.

It’s a similar principle here, except there’s a bunch more you can do with VSCO over, say, Instagram. The customisable filter packs, with the opportunity to buy more if you want.

VSCO also imports photos from your camera at full resolution, and offers the choice of what resolution to export at.

I edited these pretty basic, as all were processed with either c1 or c3 presets with a few tweaks.

Blanket alterations being contrast (1)sharpen (2.5)clarity (2), and saturation (1.4).

With individual alterations to temperature, and vignette being made to preference for each photo. Everything else remained untouched this time.

My usual editing workflow is pretty minimal as is, but using VSCO again after this time made it feel fun again. I’ll maybe keep some time aside each month and pick a few photos to edit them in this way, it’s nice to keep the process feeling fresh.

Save Movement Scotland: Become a Pig Lover

I headed to Edinburgh on Monday to get involved in some vegan activism. Holding up informative placards, distributing fliers, engaging in conversation with the public, and offering free vegan food as demonstration for cruelty-free alternatives to pork.


I found it pretty interesting that this tour is financed by the European Union (allegedly costing £1.5 million) to tour Europe and promote pig corpse as “top quality food” all the while “respecting the environment” and the “welfare of animals”.  During my time there the bus had no customers, and I’ve since read that there were no customers throughout the day with them even sending staff away within the first few hours.

Yep, £1.5 million well spent.


What bugged me the most was their “how are we not going to like an animal that gives us so much?” spiel. Nonsense like that don’t hide the fact the pig actually gives us nothing, we take its life.

Their website – Pork Lovers Tour – is atrocious and their social media support is pathetic. I tagged a couple of photos with their official Instagram only to find it has 4 followers.


Admittedly I didn’t talk nearly as much as the others (who did an excellent job) as I’m not that much of a talker. I observed, listened, and spoke when spoken to. This was my first time actively getting involved in street vegan activism, I was pretty surprised at the amount of support we had. The support from the public was lovely, and even the folk who chimed in with obvious lines like “but it tastes so good” stuck around for conversation, and actually left taking it all a little more seriously.


There was one guy, though. Smug, shouting “we’re the top of the food chain, y’know!” in passing with a grin on his face unwilling to stop and chat with us.

Well, we’re not at the top of the food chain; but even if we were, we’d still have the choice.