DubRocca (Keir Rizzo Cawley) steals from hardworking Yorkshire based Promoter & DJ Dom Roffey.

Change of pace for a second here but I’ve noticed a Dom Roffey, a fellow musician I’m connected with on Facebook, going through the shit right now.

Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 16.52.48

Keir Rizzo Cawley aka DubRocca managed to pull off a fairly elaborate scam that’s resulted in Dom being down both a pair of Adam A77X studio monitors and £1,500 out of pocket. Let’s get a close up of Keir and his Facebook Page.


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Steve Rawlz Photography

Steve Rawlz / Steve Rolt, a former student of Edinburgh Napier University. You’re getting a blog all to yourself.


You recently subscribed to my Patreon for a few days, which was adequate time to acquire the passwords to my exclusive content before leaving without paying. This itself isn’t uncommon, but what got me was after a little digging, you’re supposed to be a photographer. You should know then, along with the models we work with, just how hard it is to do what we do and get any sort of income from it (and it’s not like my photo blog isn’t free for all or anything).

Except you’re not really a photographer, are you?

Not only are you a detestable entitled moron that deems it ok to steal content for your own personal seedy wank bank, you actively take models for granted.

“He came to one of my agency studio days, was super fucking creepy and took some of the worst pictures of me of my entire career”

“He was such a fucking creep. He tried to take sneaky photos of my underwear and made me so uncomfortable”

You’ve also been described as an “old, balding, sweaty heavy mouth-breather”. What a way to fight the creepy photographer stereotype… you utter shit fountain.


Keep the money you owe me. Being able to warn models away from you is enough.

Office Space No More

Last week I turned 31. I had my “birthday night” out the following evening (I already posted about that here).

It’s been a long while since I celebrated my birthday, and this year I made a conscious effort to put my reservations to the side and join in.

The original plan was to have a little gathering at the flat but my living situation right now is, frankly, really fucking weird (I’m currently moving flat again for the 3rd time in 7 weeks) so instead I opted to just spend the day with Jazz. Go for a meal out, and to take some photos in the studio space I was hiring as I’d only managed to arrange access to it a couple days prior (despite renting it since mid-November) due to moving and being out of the country a bunch.

We passed the Christmas Market on the way in.


To-fish & Chips and a Pizza that I can’t pronounce followed by a banana split and cheese cake from Mono. 100% vegan. Banging.

Jazz’s ‘Pretty Hate Machine’ tee is rad.


Stephen was in the area and was considering hiring a space at the studio, so after our meal we arranged to meet so I could show him around. He also presented me with birthday bucky.


The night took an unexpected turn when Jassy, a lass who I shared the studio space with appeared moments after we sat down and got our cameras out. She initially blanked us on entering to collect some jam, and then quietly left. A few minutes later, as we were chatting about the space, came back in on some irrational power play, standing over me, saying how I “made no effort to come in and get to know us” and “this is OUR workspace, what are you doing?”, criticising me for not being around and dismissing the blatant fact that I was there to do some work and had payed my rent anyway.

I clocked that Jassy was uncomfortable confronting me, and I was almost pathetically passive about the whole thing to the point where I just handed over the keys when asked for them, and offered to leave before she demanded I leave anyway, asking me on the way out “why are you such an idiot?”.

Why I was treated that way, I have no idea. I can only assume she took some personal issue with me before making the effort to talk to me in person. Maybe it was the Birthday Bucky Stephen had brought for me. I guess I’ll never know.


I guess that’s it, really. I had a lovely birthday meal out and then went and got my arse handed to me by some jumped up irrational jam loving art-student type. I’m sure she’s actually a lovely person under the right circumstances, but coming in in full-blown cunt mode there’s somethings you can’t come back from.

On the bright side, I took some dumb photos of Jazz on the way in. The colours glaring through the wet windows were something. So here you go. Until next year.

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JAZZebell_ on South Cliff

I have a few days left in Scarborough and it just so happened that I had chance to meet my pal Jazz, who if you visit this blog regularly, you’ll see we’ve shot a bunch of stuff before.

Jazz had been out the night before and was actually still drunk when we got together today.

JAZZebell_ getting naked on South Cliff in Scarborough by Lee Jonesjazzebell_-south-cliff-nikon-30

I haven’t shot down on South Cliff properly before, I don’t think. So today was a good opportunity to go and do some nudes.
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