Sarah Felis by Lee Jones for Alium Cult in Nottingham

To Nottingham with Alium Cult.

I’ve neglected this blog a little recently because I’ve been pushing my OnlyFans and doing other shit and I am only one person. So forgive me, and here we go with some words and photos coming right the fuck at you.

This weekend I headed down to Nottingham to shoot a bunch of content for Alium Cult – a collective of models identifying as disabled, intersectional feminists. Their goal is to provide a positive, safe and inclusive community for those of all abilities. Want to know more? Check out their website here and support ‘em via Patreon here!


I arrived in Nottingham and I think this is my first day time visit having only ever passed through on a night bus. As we headed straight to the airbnb I didn’t really get chance to experience it properly, as my first impressions were that it resembled a second hand Sheffield… maybe I’ll have to go back and give it a fair go.

The plan was for those able to to arrive at 4pm and we’d all crack on with the shoots in the different rooms available to us. Unfortunately, plans don’t always go as expected and with some last minute cancellations and everyone else running late, me and Sarah just cracked on and shot a set of photos making the most of the house being empty.

Annoyingly my card corrupted itself which I think is the first time this has happened at a shoot so I chucked it to the side incase I could recover the files later and used a spare for the rest of the shoots. Obviously as this is a photo blog I did recover some files! So here’s a couple.

Sarah Felis by Lee Jones for Alium CultSarah (recovered)-30

With one set down, and still some time before the others arrived we did a food run and I boshed together some vegan curry for everyone. We fed everyone for £15, a fraction of what takeouts would have cost. Nice.


Once everything kicked off properly, and the shoot schedule had effectively been torn up, I just kept back and let everyone crack on and took a few behind the scenes things. I prefer keeping things casual anyway, and given that I was in a room with a bunch of people I’d not met in person before, this approach suited me just fine.


After a while I got chance to shoot Sophie. I’ve known of Sophie and talked with her a little over the past few months or so through the likes of Instagram and Facebook and we’ve tried to meet up a couple time before but it never worked out. Well this time it did and it was rad and here’s some photos.

Sophie Richardson by Lee Jones for Alium Cult in NottinghamDSCF2623Sophie-20DSCF2617Sophie-31

With that it was getting late and we were winding down for a chill out the back looking at the stars before bed.


I took the sofa and was up at 5:30/6am. Which is fucking nonsense. One by one everyone woke up and after a few brews we cracked on with a few more shoots during breakfast before getting gone.

Sarah & Sophie had some Alium Cult shirts they wanted to wear.

Sarah Felis and Sophie Richardson for Alium Cult by Lee Jones in NottinghamDSCF2664Sarah & Sophie-19DSCF2668Sarah & Sophie-15

Then I finished my morning with another shoot with Sarah just incase I wasn’t able to recover the ones from the evening before. I’m glad we did shoot because there was a golden glow coming into the room thanks to the morning sun.

Sarah Felis by Lee Jones for Alium Cult in NottinghamDSCF2706DSCF2731Sarah-28Sarah-27

I’m going to stop the blog here because it feels like I’ve posted more than enough, but believe me there’s way more photos that are going to be available through Alium and all the involved models/photographers Patreon accounts, and even myself on OnlyFans.

So yeah, that’s me done. Now I’ve finally met the folks behind it, I hope to continue to be involved in future meet ups.

I’ve said it not quite a thousand times but definitely a lot and that’s if you want to support me and keep me able to do shit like this then the best way is to back my OnlyFans. It’s only $5 for the month which is stupidly reasonable given that there’s access to over 6,000 photos now (ok, so there’s 300+ on OnlyFans but you also get the password for my private blog).

Of course, if you haven’t already clicked any of the links littered through the blog above then PLEASE do…:

Alium Cult: Patreon, Instagram
Sarah Felis: Patreon, Instagram
Sophie Richardson: Instagram
Copper Fox: Instagram
Becky Blaze: Instagram

To Wales and back.

I haven’t posted an actual blog in a long while, and it’s not for lack of doing things to write about. I’ve been all over… had another stint in Prague and covered a festival and hung out with friends, then back in the UK I travelled to Sunderland and Newcastle to shoot and catch up with various friends while also attending a wedding, and also visited Wales. There’s more things in between too, I’m sure. But I’m just having a massively shit time right now, though I feel like I should probably at least post something rather than ignore everything forever.

I’m gonna start with my recent trip to Wales.

The photographer Jazz was travelling down to work with went well out of his way to accommodate us, picking us up and driving us around, and even let us crash in his family home for the few days we were there – his wife even prepared us some vegan meals for our stay. Dynamite.

On the road

We spent a day by the beach, and I found a washed up Jellyfish. It was huge.

DSCF1796 Continue reading “To Wales and back.”

Portraits: Robyn

My typical style of photography is very much just in the moment, and there’s very little thought behind anything I do other than documenting what it is I’m doing at that moment.

With me feeling shite about a ton of my photos lately I felt like I needed to get out and actually try for a change, and figured a good way to do that would be just focusing on portraits… probably inspired somewhat by my pal Stephen who’s on a portrait binge right now (so if dreamy and incredibly vibrant photos are your bag, then look no further).

A couple of years ago, I used to lurk certain popular photography groups on Facebook with Robyn, and we’d often pass the time private messaging each other losing our minds at how pretentious and precious a lot of the local photographers were about their photographs and techniques and also how much they lost their shit at the site of poppy fields.

Anyway, Robyn had just dyed her hair the most magnificent bright orange the night before we took these photos and there just so happened to be a poppy field on the way to my house. It was too good to resist.

I’ve done plenty of portraits in the past, but it’s not something I do on the regular so I think they can be a bit hit and miss. I just so happen to be quite happy with all these.

All shot wide open on the Fuji 35mm f2 and an old Pentax 50mm f1.7.

Robyn in poppy field in North Yorkshire by photographer Lee Jones Continue reading “Portraits: Robyn”

Photo Tour pt.8: Hitching to Keswick (The Lake District, part 1)

Hitchhiking tour with JAZZebell_ heading to the Lake District photographer Lee Jones radiomoths

We parted ways with Adrian and took a walk out of Carlisle. It was fucking hot, and carrying all our shit wasn’t my idea of fun.

Lakes pt1-2

After about 35 minutes of walking we were picked up by a lorry driver and he took us to Cockermouth which meant we’d covered the majority of our journey. He gifted us an extra bottle of water, left us by the roadside and drove off. Continue reading “Photo Tour pt.8: Hitching to Keswick (The Lake District, part 1)”

Photo Tour pt.7: Couch Surfing in Carlisle

Carlisle was a new place for the both of us, amplified by our notable lack of friends in the area. Years ago I became a part of CouchSurfing, a network for travellers looking for fellow travellers to hang with and a place to crash. My account hadn’t been active for years, so I deemed it best just to start over so I created a joint account with Jazz in a bid to get somewhere to sleep.

Our only real option in Carlisle was a guy called Adrian. He’s an experienced couchsurfing host with some 70-odd references over the past decade of being on the site. We had none. Fortunately, he got back to us and agreed to let us crash a few nights, and we ended up staying in his home for the best part of a week.

Carlisle is a quiet town and is sprinkled with some pretty intriguing artwork if you look hard enough.

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The Newbridge Hotel shoot with JAZZebell_, Newcastle

While in Newcastle I had planned to do some of my own shoots with other models, but due to some last minute cancellations that never happened so instead I’m posting this set I shot with JAZZebell_ in our hotel room.

I was feeling utterly dreadful when shooting so we didn’t shoot much more than 15 minutes. I even gave up half way through but was talked into continuing at Jazz’s insistence.

That said, we shot 108 photos for the set and they’re available on Patreon right now.

Right, here’s some photos.

Newbridge-1Newbridge-2 Continue reading “The Newbridge Hotel shoot with JAZZebell_, Newcastle”