Newcastle’s Royal Station Hotel with JAZZebell_

On Monday I headed to Newcastle with Jazz as she was invited down for a “creatives party” studio shoot by a model who was having the event as part of her birthday celebrations.

Jazz managed to arrange a couple of shoots in our hotel room for the day before, so I hung around performing my duties of taking photos for her behind-the-scenes snapchat content, while also grabbing a few photos myself.

I’ll post another blog featuring some of my ‘behind-the-scenes’ shots along with photos from our time in Newcastle. This post is for our quick morning shoot.

We had a late night before eating a ridiculous amount of chinese food that I’m pretty sure almost put me into a coma. I woke up later than usual, with the driest throat I think I’ve ever had. After a very quick pack, we were left with literally 5 minutes to shoot before check out.

I think Jazz finished getting dressed in the corridor.

Anyway, here’s 15 or so photos from the set. There’s another 25 exclusive to my b-sides blog which you can bag access to right here.

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Hats & Butterflies

It’s currently freshers week and the past couple of nights I’ve been in Cathouse doing party photography duties. Thursday I got to shoot Bury Tomorrow, and last night was a Disney Bar Crawl followed by shooting You Me At Six. I’ll link up some of those photos at a later date.

Freshers is always interesting; Meeting new faces that are gonna become familiar real quick.

Anyway, this morning I woke up with a heavy hangover and Jazz had a gone out for a shoot. She came back a few hours later and lifted up her top and showed me that she was covered in butterflies, so I grabbed my camera and we did a quick shoot.

The hat in these photos was knitted by my mum. She’s making her way through a mountain of wool she acquired from some dead persons house. So if you’re wanting a hat ready for winter, drop me a message and get your orders in. I think she’s charging £15 per hat and you can probably pick the colours, too.

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49 SECONDS: Episode 1.

Last week, a friend passed on to me a palm-sized camera. It’s an old and small waterproof, bombproof Fuji thing. As it slides into my pocket I felt compelled to carry it everywhere and it turns out that recording with it is straight forward and it kicks out enough pixels to be usable.

A while ago I started a vlog on my YouTube channel and I’ve got a bunch of content to catch up with but I want to do something that feels effortless to keep regular content on the go, so I decided to allow myself to film 7 seconds of video a day. Over 7 days that’s 49 seconds of video… so until I have a better idea, forget, get bored, or die, there’ll be one episode a week uploading to my channel.

Here’s a couple of snapshots that I particularly like.


Shout out to my pal Dave who I uploaded something not too dissimilar to this from his trip to Germany. As soon as I got this camera in my hand his video sprung to mind.

It’s fast, but not *too* fast. There’s a bunch to take in, and I think it flows in an interesting way. I’ve already managed to capture my best buddy proposing to his lass, so I feel it’s gonna be interesting to look back on whatever snapshots I choose later down the line.

You can view the full thing right here.

The Hunters.

I was originally planning on heading back to Glasgow on Wednesday, but Iain informed me of Jeanna’s birthday being on the Thursday and that she wanted to go to Go Ape. As I couldn’t afford the full return journey again so soon, I opted to stay a few extra nights because I wanted to throw myself out of trees and also didn’t want to miss his surprise proposal to Jeanna on the evening that he’d been planning online in a secret group chat for what feels like forever.

We arrived and all signed the necessary forms to clear Go Ape in the event of our deaths and headed through training.

I was taking around a little palm-sized video camera that I looped around my neck, but opted to leave my camera in the capable hands of Grace, as she came along to walk around and watch us from below.


I legit want to wear this harness everywhere I go – I felt prepared for anything.

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Danby Beacon & North Yorkshire Moors

My family aren’t ones for hanging about in crowds, and as it’s the bank holiday we decided to go for a drive into the Moors – The exact opposite way the tourists typically flock.

The drive was quiet, and it was nice to just look out the window and listen to music and not think about anything for a change.

I’m a mixture of exhausted and stressed out right now and as a result I’m kinda hating on all the photos I’m taking – I’m hoping this will soon pass as I’m in Scarborough for a week and I would like to get some good photos since I’m not here all that often.

Maybe I’m over thinking it.

Anyway, the photos are in no particular order but if you read the title of this blog you’ll know where they are. Cool.

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Headland Festival

I jumped on an early train from Glasgow after 2.5 hours sleep and headed to Scarborough as a few pals were kicking about for the first Headland Festival just up the coast and I wanted to get involved.

Check out the view from the camp.

Headland Festival-36Headland Festival-35

I’m not really one for festivals, but these sorts with pals are manageable enough for me to enjoy and it’s important to support happenings in yer local area. Turns out I enjoyed it a little too much though and ended up in a tent off my nut earlier than I would have liked.

Headland Festival-70

At some point I decided I should probably try and head home to recover and ended up in a field in the dead of night throwing up next to a horse that I didn’t know was there. I have a life long dislike of horses and my body is useless at throwing up, so the combination was pretty sobering.

The ride home was rough. I blame the sun and exhaustion. Alcohol definitely had no play in this…

Headland Festival-40

The following photos are in no particular order and are all over the place and a bit shitty but I ended up not taking nearly as many as I had wanted anyway, but the Festival was rad and it was great to hang out with pals for the relatively short time that I managed to spend there.

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