30 weeks ago a friend gave me an old video camera and it was small and fit in my pocket and also claimed to be virtually indestructible so I figured I’d take it with me everywhere. I decided to document 7 seconds a day for a week to see how it all looked in one 49 second video.

The clips were kinda erratic, but I also kinda dug it and figured that 49 second bursts wasn’t too intense, so I made it a weekly thing.

When I watch them back I can spot little arcs of things that were going on in my life:

My routine of ending up in Catty on a weekend, friends getting married, how little my band actually rehearses, brief awkward spells of dating, the ridiculous amount of commutes I was doing between being evicted from my flat and the 3 months of couch surfing while I tried (and failed) to find somewhere else to live… all the while documenting the adventures I was on with Jazz as our relationship progressed and took off, and everything that came along after it.


I didn’t particularly concern myself about an audience or even think about who might be watching it, so it was kinda mad to receive a call from Paul Banks saying he’d been watching my videos and wondered how I’d feel about using the stuff that mostly focused on Jazz and myself being put together for a music video, if I had all the footage still.

I was way too interested and curious about how it would look myself so just agreed on the spot without really considering how mental it would be essentially putting my own memories into a whole new context for the public to view. Funnily enough, it ended up being pretty challenging.

JAZZebell_, Cafe-52

A few things were established early on, like using slightly lengthier clips to not mentally exhaust viewers for one, and other shit like changing up the aspect ratio and I guess other boring technicalities which I’m sure isn’t interesting to most people so I will stop.

To be honest I’m real fucking proud of this, and the song is stuck in my head right now so I hope you dig that to. It was cool to be able to work on this for the couple of weeks I had to turn it around, and aside from a couple of last minute alterations that needed to be made in order to keep it PG, the whole process was seamless.

So yeah, Victoria is a single from Shed Seven‘s latest album Instant Pleasures and the music video is littered with my ugly mug. Do enjoy.

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Scarborough: Jesse Hutchinson

The morning after the rave I was up early to go meet Jesse. I’ve known Jesse for a few years now. Nowadays, the vast majority of our interactions are online, but he’s always someone I enjoy bumping into when I’m back in Scarborough; even if it’s quite literally to pop my head through the door for a quick hello as I’m passing while he’s performing at Cellars.

jesse 2-24

He’s been threatening to hire me to take some photos on a more official capacity for a while, and it just worked out that this time it actually happened.

We met by the sea, but the beach was rammed. People everywhere, and I think if we stuck around any longer we’d have both exploded. Instead, we drove the the middle of nowhere, and found a location which felt suitable considering the example photos he’d sent me to look at around 10 minutes before we met.

I shot a bunch of portraits on my X-Pro2 as is standard now, with the Pentax 50mm 1.7 lens. However, I took along my Nikon D610 and also gave that a run for a change. We got a whole bunch of photos that I think is fair to say we’re both pleased with.

Here’s a small selection of the handsome bastard.

jesse 1-12jesse B&W-11jesse 1-28jesse B&W-38jesse 1-21jesse B&W-14jesse 2-48jesse B&W-35jesse 2-40

Glasgow based ambient artist Kupo releases Amber

Kupo – Amber

For the past few weeks or so, I’ve been holed up with Jeffels creating a vast array of sounds for different music projects that we’re both involved in. It started with the completion of the Crow Road EP, a split between Cuhto (me) and Kupo (Jeffels) featuring ambient drones and loops, with the premise being we’d both create separate songs using the same singular source sound. For anyone interested, Crow Road will be released on cassette tape next month through Cow Tongue Taco Records.

Around a week ago, I forwarded Jeffels a short piece of piano that I’d recorded and this past week he’s been tinkering with that, creating and pushing new sounds out of it and it’s culminated with a beautiful 12+minute track. Kupo’s debut release ‘Amber’ dishes out some zags so don’t go thinking you’ve just got a simple drone here. Far from it.

TLDR: If yer into ambient music then this is really bloody good. Check it out. Listen loud.

Glasgow band Magnificent Bastard release debut Play Some Rap Music EP on Cow Tongue Taco Records

New Release: Magnificent Bastard

A band I started with my pals Iain and Jordan recorded an EP in a brewery in Scarborough just days before I moved to Glasgow last January.

Various projects have come along since the move, and this EP ended up taking a backseat while I sorted my shit out up here.

Glasgow band Magnificent Bastard release debut Play Some Rap Music EP on Cow Tongue Taco Records

It’s all done now, though – and our debut Play Some Rap Music EP is available on bandcamp for digital download, or you can even grab a limited edition cassette (there’s only 10, with some cassette only b-sides) through Cow Tongue Taco Records.

Glasgow band Magnificent Bastard release debut Play Some Rap Music EP on Cow Tongue Taco Records

We put a video out yesterday for the track No Future. Check it below.

Christy Scott and Gregor Keachie performing live at The Hug and Pint in Glasgow on Great Western Road by Photographer Lee Jones

Christy Scott ‘Amaranthine’ EP Launch Party at The Hug and Pint, Glasgow

Last night I headed down to The Hug and Pint to catch my pal Christy perform at her EP Launch Party. The Hug and Pint might be my favourite music venue in Glasgow, and it’s tiny. Yet Christy still managed to have no less than a seven-piece band on the stage…

You can check out her music right here.

Christy Scott and Gregor Keachie performing live at The Hug and Pint in Glasgow on Great Western Road by Photographer Lee JonesChristy Scott Continue reading “Christy Scott ‘Amaranthine’ EP Launch Party at The Hug and Pint, Glasgow”

Black Stone Cherry

I’ve had this sitting in my drafts for ages and I’ve only just gotten around to it, bloody hell…

Anyway, late last year I got a message to see if I’d go down and take some photos of Black Stone Cherry in The Garage as they geared up in preparation for their world tour. The guys were over in Glasgow a few days before their tour kicked off in order to perform a special sold out show at the Cathouse for the venues 26th Birthday with all money raised going towards Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Charity. Pretty neat.

Even though I was hungover to hell it was rad to see behind the scenes of something like this, I actually dig a bunch of the photos I took and so I’ve posted a large handful here.

black-stone-cherry-42black-stone-cherry-67 Continue reading “Black Stone Cherry”