NCP & The Lighthouse with Heather & Heather

My shoot with Clare was supposed to be my last in Glasgow before I left but I bumped into Heather and Heather in Cathouse on Saturday night and we made a loose drunken plan to get up the following afternoon and meet for a couple of hours before my train back to England.

I was ridiculously hungover, and tried to think of places we could shoot on the way in to meet them. The first place that sprung to mind was the car park I was with Omar in a few weeks back as it was minus 1 and the carpark was relatively sheltered.

We took a couple of headshots and then just wandered around before taking a walk to the Lighthouse after stopping for a much needed Irn Bru and a pasty on the way.

It was pretty busy up top of the Lighthouse, and some people saw what we were up to but, as I’ve found typical of Glasgow, didn’t bat an eye and rightfully so. I’m gonna miss that while I’m away.

We only took a few photos before I had to run for the train, and the journey was hell so I’m glad I got to hang with a couple of pals before I left. It made the day suck considerably less.

I’m pretty tired and can’t really think of much else to write just now so here’s some photos from the day and there’s a video at the bottom since I’m tryna get more content on my YouTube.

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Queen’s Park with Clare

As with Heather the week before, I also met Clare at the Cathouse.

Clare, Queen's Park-1

I’ve seen her pretty regularly since I started working there and she’s a pro at dodging my camera in the club, so I was pretty surprised when she dropped me a message about being game to do some photos.

I half expected Clare to cancel which of course wouldn’t have been an issue ‘cause if someone don’t want their photo taken then that’s obviously fine. That said, she turned up ready to go.

We headed into Queen’s Park and got right to it, which was great as on Sunday I’m moving away from Glasgow so aside from working in the club tonight, today was likely my last chance to take photos before I leave.

Clare, Queen's Park-2

I always enjoy heading out with people that don’t model, ’cause from my experience it always comes across as a pretty fun and exciting thing to do, which Clare actually mentioned as we were talking about it toward the end.

We took about an hour to walk around the park, starting at the top and working our way down to the pond before finishing up by a Church in a trolley with a ton of brochures, and called it a day.

I got home and edited the photos and Clare dug them and from the chat we’ve had I suspect we’ll be shooting again when I move back to Glasgow in a few months.

Anyway, here’s the rest of the photos.

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First shoot of 2018 with JAZZebell_ (…obviously)

I ended 2017 by moving flat 3 times in the space of 7 weeks, and right now after two weeks of that Christmas/New Year lark I’m gearing up to move for a 4th. Despite this, I’ve tried to not let it get to me too much and focused when I could on getting out and taking photos.

So in an attempt to keep on with the momentum that arrived in the back end of 2017, and despite being absurdly hungover, I stepped out of the flat with Jazz to shoot in the corridor on the 1st.

Granted, the shoot took all of five minutes, but at least we did something.

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The Necropolis and Glasgow Green with Heather

The past few months I’ve been in situations where I’ve mostly being photographing Jazz – which I am not sorry about – but I’ve noticed my blog becoming a little less varied than it used to be. So the other week I threw up an ad online for anyone who wanted to hang out and let me take their photo.

Today it happened, and so I packed my camera and headed out. I’ve been waking up real late lately, so the fact I was out the flat before 12pm was quite something.

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“Disco Tits”

I think it was around April I got a message from Jazz. Her living situation had just taken a drastic change, “can I come crash for a bit?”. Straight off the bat I knew it was gonna be more than a bit, but I’ll admit that even I didn’t expect it to turn into a full six month stint.

Me and Jeffels are quiet types, and Jazz has energy for more than the both of us. Though this always made trips to the Cathouse extra fun.

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JAZZebell_ by the Clyde

My friend Emily has a rad tenth floor apartment by the clyde and when she moved in she told me I should go over some time and shoot some photos there.

The elevator up is pretty nice, as far as elevators go.

JAZZebell_ balcony-38
JAZZebell_ balcony-1

I went over with Jazz to shoot some more fashion-orientated stuff, and by that I mean photos where she didn’t end up naked which is admittedly pretty unusual for us.

Being on the balcony also made my ultra-wide come in handy, so I pretty much exclusively shot with that and I’m also quite into leaving the vignette on the photos right now.

JAZZebell_ balcony-3

Click below for a whole load more photos.

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JAZZebell_ in Queens Park

For a fair while I’ve wanted a 20mm lens on my Nikon for shooting clubs as I currently exclusively shoot 24mm.

It turned out getting an actual 20mm for my Nikon was going to cost an absolute ton, and I resent paying that much for something I’d mostly only be using on drunk people anyway so instead I opted for a Sigma 10-20mm lens. The snag being that it ain’t a full frame lens, but as it didn’t cost nearly as much as my other options I went for it.

While it might not be a dedicated 20mm lens, it’s technically wider than what I already had and when mostly zoomed out it creates a pretty neat vignette and distorts in a way which reminds me of photos of early 90’s grunge bands.

So I took it out and tested it out with Jazz because a new lens is always a good excuse to get out and take some photos.

It’s always a little unnerving using a new focal length, and it’s going to take a while to get used to it. That said, I’m happy with a whole bunch of the photos we took and tonight I’m away shooting with it in the club for the first time so I’ll undoubtedly post something tomorrow too if my photos aren’t utter garbage.

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