A Walk to Dawsholm Park

Last night, after a relatively heavy conversation with a friend I loaded up my iPod with a playlist and just got gone. I covered a fair few miles pretty quickly – cleared my head, compartmentalised some thoughts, got back home, and just lazed about before finally going to bed.

I woke up this morning feeling much better. Fresh air and talking, eh. Who knew.

Amy actually headed through to Glasgow this morning to join Jeffels, Omar, and myself on one of our photowalks. And this time Omar brought along Rebecca (who I took a whole bunch of portraits of), who also happens to be a damn fine photographer in her own right. Rad.

Goon squad, set.

Walk to Dawsholm Park in Glasgow by Photographer Lee Jones

We headed to the park. Daisy chains were made. Swings were swung on. Camera gear was shared around. And we made some new dog pals.

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Kitty Misfit naked outdoors.

The other week I posted an old set of Kitty that we shot in some woodland.

We actually did three sets at that location (the one I’ve just linked to and another that was for a fashion shoot), but I think this is my favourite of them all. I know I’ve posted a couple of these photos in the past, but I recently ended up giving the set another look at and decided I hated my editing and I think these are superior in every way now.

Kitty is coming to Glasgow at the start of May with my pal Jazz, and I’m sure we’ll get a bunch of rad stuff to post then.

NSFW to follow.
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Woodland with Kitty Misfit

A couple of years ago I spent an afternoon with Kitty and we shot a few different sets in a bunch of different locations.

One of those – the one you’re about to view – was shot for her pay-site. I’m not exactly sure why but the original site ended up going down, not that that matters now because her site has relaunched so you can go and check it out here.

Anyway, this particular set wasn’t considered explicit enough for the new content she’s currently posting, which is no problem, it means I get to share it here and I can’t imagine there being any complaints with that.

Kitty is rad and she’s coming to visit me in Glasgow soon which means we’ll get to shoot a whole bunch of new stuff.

The following gets pretty NSFW.

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Marvels: Abandoned Theme Park, with JAZZebell_

I’m struggling to blog as consistently as last month, which is probably an indication that my mental health is getting worse again, so I’ve again switched off various social networks, and tomorrow I’m going to force myself out of the flat and take my camera and just walk. Will see how that pans out.

In the meantime, I noticed Jazz has been posting a few photos from a day last year when we went to Marvels, an abandoned theme park in Scarborough. I don’t think I’ve actually posted any on this blog, so I’ve just been through and dug some out.

There’s almost nothing there now, in terms of the old theme park. An occasional structure, and some concrete of where things used to be, but it’s mostly dirt. We’d actually already taken some photos this day down on the open topped bus, where we got into a bit of trouble, and these follow on from that.

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JAZZebell_ in a Popcorn Bath

I’ve had Jazz up in Glasgow for the past few days, and besides from a pretty impromptu flat party we almost didn’t get around to taking photos like we normally would. I know I wanted to get out of the flat, and I think Jazz probably wanted something similar but the weather was pretty rubbish and we were sort of tired/ill as well and that just never happened.

But last night we decided to fill the bath up with popcorn. I could only realistically use one pan, so it took bloody ages. I think it took me about 2 hours, if not more. Which is now the most prep I have done ever for a shoot.

Talking about prep for a moment – Jeffels was at a loose end and he had an idea for the lighting which basically meant turning the bathroom lights off and he’d manoeuvre around me with one of the lamps from his bedroom. I think it’s the first time I’ve incorporated light in such a way, as I was all set to just leave the bathroom lights on and make do as I’m used to. I’m glad this went the way it did though, the light really made a lot of the photos.

The bath thing has been done a whole bunch, I often see it done with milk and as a vegan that level of waste especially is pretty frustrating. There was a brief moment we considered doing it with vegan milk but that was dumb and expensive (though we did shoot a single carton of Oatly half way through…). The popcorn thing just felt ridiculous enough and fun. Sure, the waste is still not ideal but I’ll sacrifice eating popcorn for the rest of the year or something. Maybe two. I fucking hate the stuff now anyway.

I optimistically thought I was going to get 70 photos from shooting Jazz in a bath, but I ended up with 120 or so. There’s a considerable amount to follow below.

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JAZZebell_ on South Cliff

I have a few days left in Scarborough and it just so happened that I had chance to meet my pal Jazz, who if you visit this blog regularly, you’ll see we’ve shot a bunch of stuff before.

Jazz had been out the night before and was actually still drunk when we got together today.

JAZZebell_ getting naked on South Cliff in Scarborough by Lee Jonesjazzebell_-south-cliff-nikon-30

I haven’t shot down on South Cliff properly before, I don’t think. So today was a good opportunity to go and do some nudes.
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Near the Clyde in Glasgow with JAZZebell_

Jazz hopped on a bus and came to visit for a week. We’d originally planned to head up a mountain and take some rad nudes, ’cause the winter wasn’t going to stop us, but the day we’d planned to head out on was so foggy it would have been pointless.

We opted to wander by the Clyde and head towards Victoria Park since it’s only a short walk from the flat.

It wasn’t long before Jazz spotted a building site and jumped through a gap in the border.


This post get a bit more NSFW so nows a good time to carry on if you’re ok with that.
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