Photo Tour pt.1: Hitchhiking to Middlesbrough

On Monday I left Scarborough along with JAZZebell_ as we decided to go on a hitch adventure.


The purpose really is to travel around so Jazz can work with photographers and so I can do my own thing and document the whole process, along with taking my own photos on the way.

The afternoon we left it was pissing it with rain, and to give us a little boost my mum dropped us both off in Pickering. We started walking toward Thirsk to then hopefully end up on the A19 to Middlesbrough where we’d planned to end up that night.


It took us maybe 25 minutes to get picked up, but by the time we were out of Pickering a couple stopped to pick us up. They told us about how they used to hitch back in the day, and still continue to pick up hitchers on the rare chance they see them. They were genuinely gutted they couldn’t take us further, and we were dropped off out in the rain about halfway to Thirsk. We carried on and it wasn’t long before another couple saw us and took pity. They said we looked miserable in the rain, but I know I was just doubting that an Audi driver would actually stop for us. I was wrong, and they were lovely.

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Por Favor at Scarborough Market Hall

The weekend saw Por Favor return to Scarborough with their night of House, Tech House, and Techno.

The last time I photographed these guys, the event was held at the Scarborough Brewery which is a much smaller venue when compared to the Market Hall in the centre of town.

The Market Hall is a huge space and I was sceptical on how the sound would work out, but fortunately I know shit about that and the sound was great and the place was sold out. Rad.

I mostly stayed off the drink too which is rare for me when shooting nights like this and I still had a great time. I think it’s probably one of only a handful of times I’ve not personally had some drama unfold just from fucking existing in this town. So shout out to all the people behind Por Favor for making it happen and for it being a good positive space with everyone just having fun.

Those familiar with my usual club work will notice I shot the DJs without flash. I think the promoters wanted something a little more natural looking for the DJs so I just scrapped all I know on a whim, which could quite easily have been a disaster. Turns out I kinda like it, and I guess not everything has to be shot like it’s a punk gig.

That said I did still take a flash for the crowd stuff ’cause I hate soulless party photos, and the colours almost always look rad with the slower shutter speeds.

For any photographers reading, I shot the DJs using a Fuji Xpro2 shooting at 35mm at f2 without flash, and used a Nikon D610 shooting at 20mm at f9 with flash for the crowd stuff.

Anyway, here’s a selection of photos from the night.

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Prague: The Tic Tac Incident

I’d been drinking for a few hours and inevitably the time came for me to need the toilet. I’ve not drank beer in a long time, and all I knew right then was that I needed to piss immediately. My friend Desi was about to perform a striptease for a lass who’s birthday it was, but if I was quick I’d get back in time.


Making my way to the toilet, I noticed the queue. I wasn’t going to make it back in time.

The party I was at I didn’t know if I’d get back in quite so easily if I just went outside, and because the place was tiny there was nowhere to sneakily piss in a pint glass. So all that was really left was to wait. A lot of people were mangled and took their sweet time in the toilet. There was two doors, but only one was in use.

There was this bloke in front of me, and he had some woman attached to his face but she left which was a small relief in itself as at least I knew they weren’t waiting to have a shag in the toilet and that cut the queue time by about a minute or two.

He quickly introduced himself as Sid, with a massive grin on his face, laughing. He sounded English, but I’m terrible with pinpointing accents. We got talking, mostly about how much we both needed a piss and that we couldn’t believe the queue was so long, and then he mentioned needing MDMA or something and that he once had a party on a Nuclear Submarine. He laughed more.

I should have asked more about the Nuclear Submarine but I was mostly concentrating on not pissing on this bloke I’d just met.

“Tic Tac?”.

I’ve never been offered a casual tic tac in a toilet queue before, and I’d drunkenly convinced myself it was a funny shape and was probably some drug, so rather than pathetically hand back this singular tic tac I slipped it in my pocket when Sid was distracted and just pretended to take it once he was looking back at me. He was happy, real happy. He laughed a lot again. So I matched his enthusiasm assuming he was off it and that I was enjoying being off it, too.

Sid was next in line, he promised he’d be quick. He was.

I finally got into the toilet.

And then it happened, I pissed. I pissed so urgently that it actually hurt and I let out a silent scream. Then it was over. And I went back to the party having missed my friend perform.


I forgot about the tic tac until the day after and I found it in my pocket. Looking at it now, it does actually look like an authentic tic tac. And now I’m just convinced this bloke called Sid remembers me as this quiet Yorkshire bloke he met in a toilet queue that got real enthusiastic real quick about tiny mints. Brilliant.

Zackarias Branzell at The ACT Prague by Photographer Lee Jones

Prague: Zackarias Branzell

A particularly cool thing about crashing in a theatre space is that I get to scope out the performances, and last night I caught Zackarias Branzell’s standup show as his tour stopped off in Prague.

Zackarias Branzell-4Zackarias Branzell at The ACT Prague by Photographer Lee Jones

I feel like it’s a while since I took some photos of a performance. So I grabbed my camera, ate way too many wasabi peas, and drank a few beers.

Zackarias accidentally convinced everyone he was vegan, and then walked in on me taking a piss later in the night. He’s just left and is currently touring, so go check his page out to see where he’s heading.
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The ACT Prague

I arrived in Prague last night to visit my friend Des and I’m staying for a couple of weeks in the artist community theatre (The ACT Prague).

I’ll inevitably post up a ton of stuff from the time I’m spending here, but this is just a quick post to say that if you happen to be in Prague on the 17th February then they’re hosting ‘Portraits with Lee Jones‘, and serves as an opportunity for you to be photographed by me.

It felt weird and uncomfortable and pretentious writing that, but needs must.


I’ll be hanging around from 11am-6pm and if you’re in the area you can book 30 minutes for a community friendly price of 100czkbook through the venue here.

I’m pretty excited to be doing this, so hopefully it’ll be a success and more than one person will show up.


Also, now is a good time to sign up to my patreon because I’ll be posting a ton of photos from here on there first before I get back home to even think about blogging everything.

Right, I’m out of here. This dog needs my attention.


Rebel Radics at Indigo Alley

I’ve been meaning to meet up with my pal Sarah as we’re supposed to be filming for some project together, and I headed into town on Saturday to see her with a couple of cameras figuring that that’d be exactly what I’d be up to.

Turns out our next stop was the pub, and while I guess that should have been somewhat predictable my keeping on top of messages lately has been rubbish so I likely missed key details of the plans.

Rebel Radics-1

I was pretty skint, so we opted to head straight to Indigo Alley rather than crawl along the numerous pubs on the way.

As soon as I got to the doorway I heard a dub echo from the soundsystem and just knew Dan was behind it. I’ve not seen Dan in a fair while, and it was rad to see he’s still well on with Rebel Radics.

He didn’t have his full set up, but the bass was still hard.

Rebel Radics-5Rebel Radics-14

There were a ton of balloons about and collection boxes for Alzheimer’s Research. I know Sarah is doing the Guatemala Spires of Fire trek for it, which involves trekking for 7 days over 5 live volcanoes and summiting the highest peak in Central America. Pretty mad.

Sarah is 94% funded, so if you have any spare change please drop some here.

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First week back in Scarborough!

I haven’t posted since I’ve moved back to Scarborough, and I’ve already done a few different things so figured I’d condense it into one long post rather than a few small ones which I know I’d never get around to doing.

It’s always strange being back in Scarborough, but some things never change and the locals still amaze me.

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