Photo Tour pt.2: Five Days in Newcastle

James dropped us off by the A19 to help our hitch, but we kicked around for an hour and didn’t get picked up. It was boiling hot, and we were carrying everything and wearing our coats and we ended up resorting to heading back into the centre to catch a direct bus to Newcastle as Jazz had a shoot arranged in Newcastle, and we didn’t want to be late. It was that hot I couldn’t even be bothered to grab my camera from my bag, so there’s no photos here.

On the bus the morning got worse ’cause we had a last minute bust up with the booking agent for the apartment we had secured and that left us with nowhere to stay. Between that and not wanting to be late, we opted to just spend the same amount of money on a hotel for the full four nights instead of two and have it all dealt with so we weren’t stressing. It wasn’t ideal, but also not too many photographers are booking models at the moment apparently, so losing the apartment wasn’t the end of the day.

Just one of those things.


We met Arrow Photographic, and he drove us along the river to take photos of Jazz for an hour. They shot by the river and then also under the A1 on the way back to the car. After having a photographer bail on Jazz in Middlesbrough, it was good to have something to go to plan. Fair to say we both felt better then.

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The One With All The Dog Walking

I’m out on the regular with Robyn and I take a lot of photos, but as I never got chance to post the last lot here’s a two-in-one sorta deal. Besides, looking at photos of dogs is hardly the worst thing in the world.

On Saturday morning Robyn asked if I wanted to go out with the dogs. I was supposed to be charging my spare batteries as I was working the evening so had to turn it down, but shortly after that the power to the village went out and so I was stuck in doors not doing anything. I guess I just had to go out then. So out she came with her dogs, complete with pyjamas.

Robyn, Sherburn-3
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I punched The Beast from The East so hard I cut my hand open

Yesterday I headed into Scarborough to film some promo for Mister Jim and The Fuzz Junkies. We finished up early afternoon, and so I got to go and meet Robyn.

As it was freezing cold, the logical thing for us to do grab a slush puppy and sit by the sea.

Beast from The East-1

Super charged on porno-slush we grabbed some dogs (Robyn’s dogs, we haven’t resorted to dognapping yet) and took a drive to Filey and walked along the Brigg to welcome in the ‘Beast from the East’ (which, by the way, is the lamest name for a storm).

Beast from The East-2

The photos don’t look particularly wild, but it was cold as balls. I’m used to walking about with no coat, but along with a coat I was even wearing a scarf.

Beast from The East-4

Somewhere along the way we found some icicles and I cut my hand.

Beast from The East-7Beast from The East-8

The plus side to being so cold that my hands were numb was that it didn’t hurt as I didn’t notice I’d cut myself.

Beast from The East-12

We went as far out on the Brigg as we could.

Beast from The East-9Beast from The East-15Beast from The East-17

By this point I don’t think Robyn could feel her body at all and decided to just sit in the cold and wet because why the fuck not.

Beast from The East-20

I’ve been out here before, but never realised you could see Scarborough.

The view from the edge was beautiful.

Beast from The East-22

It started getting real dark, real quick. So we got outta there pretty sharpish.

Beast from The East-23

I got home and had a pretty early night. I didn’t think anything else would come from it, as we’re used to severe weather warnings and getting absolutely naff all.

So waking up this morning to actual snow was a pleasant surprise.


Prague: Day trip to Kutná Hora

Me and Desi took off to Kutná Hora for the afternoon.

Kutna Hora-3

The train interior was beige and tan. It felt like I was riding a hospital waiting room.

Kutna Hora-5

It almost feels strange being able to afford transport in other countries.

I think the return train (a round trip of nearly 100 miles) cost me in the region of £5. Comparing that to England, where my single train back from Gatwick into London, which took all of 30 minutes, cost me £20.

It made for a nice change, being able to travel somewhere AND afford to eat while there.

Kutna Hora-9Kutna Hora-16

We headed to the bone church (Sedlec Ossuary) which displays the bones of 40-70,000 people. Desi stayed outside. She’d been once or twice before, and said that’s enough for her.

Kutna Hora-17Kutna Hora-36

Once inside I understood why.

Kutna Hora-24

Truth be told, I can’t comprehend the scale of it. Despite knowing it was awful, I felt nothing. I think I kind of just shut off, and looking at the photos now I still can’t process it properly.

It messes with your head, so I’m not surprised Desi waited for me in a coffee shop.

Kutna Hora-31

Kutná Hora is a city east of Prague, though it feels more like a small town.

Kutna Hora-43Kutna Hora-44

Admittedly, not all small towns host gargantuan motherfuckers like this. So I guess it is a city.

Kutna Hora-39Kutna Hora-49

I should probably have written more about this place, but I’m a shit tourist. I just wander around quietly and generally avoid checking the more obvious things out. So yeah, we took a wander back through the city, grabbed some food, hopped on a small train back to the main train, and got gone.

Kutna Hora-54

Crashing Drones with Sarah

Yesterday I headed back into Scarborough to meet Sarah and we actually filmed content for a video she wanted making and some of the footage I was able to use to make a pretty dumb vlog with for my YouTube channel so you can view that at the bottom of this post.

I was also supposed to meet up with Robyn again and we were gonna go for another dog walk but she was called into work and by the time she’d finished the tide was well in so I think we’re gonna do something on Saturday instead.

Sarah Wood, Scarborough-3

Yay Coffee was our first stop, for a couple of drinks and to assemble the drone.

Sarah Wood, Scarborough-7
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Dog Walking in Dalby Forest with Robyn

I used to go to Dalby Forest a fair amount as a kid, which makes sense as it’s not even a 30 minute drive away from my parents. I don’t go up there nearly enough any more, and I can’t remember the last time I was there when it was snowing.

Robyn, Dalby Forest-63Robyn, Dalby Forest-8

Since moving back to Scarborough I’m managing to hang with some people I don’t see all that often anymore.

Robyn picked me up in town after she’d done her rounds picking up various dogs and drove us to Dalby. Considering the weather, we got there surprisingly fast – We joked that her car might not last very long.

A couple of days later she messaged me saying that it had died. Hmm.

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First week back in Scarborough!

I haven’t posted since I’ve moved back to Scarborough, and I’ve already done a few different things so figured I’d condense it into one long post rather than a few small ones which I know I’d never get around to doing.

It’s always strange being back in Scarborough, but some things never change and the locals still amaze me.

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