Photo Tour pt.8: Hitching to Keswick (The Lake District, part 1)

Hitchhiking tour with JAZZebell_ heading to the Lake District photographer Lee Jones radiomoths

We parted ways with Adrian and took a walk out of Carlisle. It was fucking hot, and carrying all our shit wasn’t my idea of fun.

Lakes pt1-2

After about 35 minutes of walking we were picked up by a lorry driver and he took us to Cockermouth which meant we’d covered the majority of our journey. He gifted us an extra bottle of water, left us by the roadside and drove off. Continue reading “Photo Tour pt.8: Hitching to Keswick (The Lake District, part 1)”

The One With All The Dog Walking

I’m out on the regular with Robyn and I take a lot of photos, but as I never got chance to post the last lot here’s a two-in-one sorta deal. Besides, looking at photos of dogs is hardly the worst thing in the world.

On Saturday morning Robyn asked if I wanted to go out with the dogs. I was supposed to be charging my spare batteries as I was working the evening so had to turn it down, but shortly after that the power to the village went out and so I was stuck in doors not doing anything. I guess I just had to go out then. So out she came with her dogs, complete with pyjamas.

Robyn, Sherburn-3
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I punched The Beast from The East so hard I cut my hand open

Yesterday I headed into Scarborough to film some promo for Mister Jim and The Fuzz Junkies. We finished up early afternoon, and so I got to go and meet Robyn.

As it was freezing cold, the logical thing for us to do grab a slush puppy and sit by the sea.

Beast from The East-1

Super charged on porno-slush we grabbed some dogs (Robyn’s dogs, we haven’t resorted to dognapping yet) and took a drive to Filey and walked along the Brigg to welcome in the ‘Beast from the East’ (which, by the way, is the lamest name for a storm).

Beast from The East-2

The photos don’t look particularly wild, but it was cold as balls. I’m used to walking about with no coat, but along with a coat I was even wearing a scarf.

Beast from The East-4

Somewhere along the way we found some icicles and I cut my hand.

Beast from The East-7Beast from The East-8

The plus side to being so cold that my hands were numb was that it didn’t hurt as I didn’t notice I’d cut myself.

Beast from The East-12

We went as far out on the Brigg as we could.

Beast from The East-9Beast from The East-15Beast from The East-17

By this point I don’t think Robyn could feel her body at all and decided to just sit in the cold and wet because why the fuck not.

Beast from The East-20

I’ve been out here before, but never realised you could see Scarborough.

The view from the edge was beautiful.

Beast from The East-22

It started getting real dark, real quick. So we got outta there pretty sharpish.

Beast from The East-23

I got home and had a pretty early night. I didn’t think anything else would come from it, as we’re used to severe weather warnings and getting absolutely naff all.

So waking up this morning to actual snow was a pleasant surprise.


Dog Walking in Dalby Forest with Robyn

I used to go to Dalby Forest a fair amount as a kid, which makes sense as it’s not even a 30 minute drive away from my parents. I don’t go up there nearly enough any more, and I can’t remember the last time I was there when it was snowing.

Robyn, Dalby Forest-63Robyn, Dalby Forest-8

Since moving back to Scarborough I’m managing to hang with some people I don’t see all that often anymore.

Robyn picked me up in town after she’d done her rounds picking up various dogs and drove us to Dalby. Considering the weather, we got there surprisingly fast – We joked that her car might not last very long.

A couple of days later she messaged me saying that it had died. Hmm.

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JAZZebell_ in Queens Park

For a fair while I’ve wanted a 20mm lens on my Nikon for shooting clubs as I currently exclusively shoot 24mm.

It turned out getting an actual 20mm for my Nikon was going to cost an absolute ton, and I resent paying that much for something I’d mostly only be using on drunk people anyway so instead I opted for a Sigma 10-20mm lens. The snag being that it ain’t a full frame lens, but as it didn’t cost nearly as much as my other options I went for it.

While it might not be a dedicated 20mm lens, it’s technically wider than what I already had and when mostly zoomed out it creates a pretty neat vignette and distorts in a way which reminds me of photos of early 90’s grunge bands.

So I took it out and tested it out with Jazz because a new lens is always a good excuse to get out and take some photos.

It’s always a little unnerving using a new focal length, and it’s going to take a while to get used to it. That said, I’m happy with a whole bunch of the photos we took and tonight I’m away shooting with it in the club for the first time so I’ll undoubtedly post something tomorrow too if my photos aren’t utter garbage.

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Danby Beacon & North Yorkshire Moors

My family aren’t ones for hanging about in crowds, and as it’s the bank holiday we decided to go for a drive into the Moors – The exact opposite way the tourists typically flock.

The drive was quiet, and it was nice to just look out the window and listen to music and not think about anything for a change.

I’m a mixture of exhausted and stressed out right now and as a result I’m kinda hating on all the photos I’m taking – I’m hoping this will soon pass as I’m in Scarborough for a week and I would like to get some good photos since I’m not here all that often.

Maybe I’m over thinking it.

Anyway, the photos are in no particular order but if you read the title of this blog you’ll know where they are. Cool.

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Glasgow Botanic Gardens

On Sunday it was pissing it down, proper.

I’d arranged to meet Katy for a day out and when I woke I figured the rain was about to put an end to that. It actually subsided somewhat by the time the afternoon came along though, and I was just about to set off to meet her when the post arrived…

The mount I was waiting on to use my Elmar 5cm lens on the X-Pro2 had arrived. Sweet.

The following photos are taken using the xf18mmf2 and Elmar 5cm 3.5 lenses.

Katy, Botanic Gardens-20

As the title gives away, we headed to the Botanic Gardens. I switched up a little more from my usual black and white routine and shot colour.

Because, check these out.

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