Por Favor at Scarborough Market Hall

The weekend saw Por Favor return to Scarborough with their night of House, Tech House, and Techno.

The last time I photographed these guys, the event was held at the Scarborough Brewery which is a much smaller venue when compared to the Market Hall in the centre of town.

The Market Hall is a huge space and I was sceptical on how the sound would work out, but fortunately I know shit about that and the sound was great and the place was sold out. Rad.

I mostly stayed off the drink too which is rare for me when shooting nights like this and I still had a great time. I think it’s probably one of only a handful of times I’ve not personally had some drama unfold just from fucking existing in this town. So shout out to all the people behind Por Favor for making it happen and for it being a good positive space with everyone just having fun.

Those familiar with my usual club work will notice I shot the DJs without flash. I think the promoters wanted something a little more natural looking for the DJs so I just scrapped all I know on a whim, which could quite easily have been a disaster. Turns out I kinda like it, and I guess not everything has to be shot like it’s a punk gig.

That said I did still take a flash for the crowd stuff ’cause I hate soulless party photos, and the colours almost always look rad with the slower shutter speeds.

For any photographers reading, I shot the DJs using a Fuji Xpro2 shooting at 35mm at f2 without flash, and used a Nikon D610 shooting at 20mm at f9 with flash for the crowd stuff.

Anyway, here’s a selection of photos from the night.

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Zackarias Branzell at The ACT Prague by Photographer Lee Jones

Prague: Zackarias Branzell

A particularly cool thing about crashing in a theatre space is that I get to scope out the performances, and last night I caught Zackarias Branzell’s standup show as his tour stopped off in Prague.

Zackarias Branzell-4Zackarias Branzell at The ACT Prague by Photographer Lee Jones

I feel like it’s a while since I took some photos of a performance. So I grabbed my camera, ate way too many wasabi peas, and drank a few beers.

Zackarias accidentally convinced everyone he was vegan, and then walked in on me taking a piss later in the night. He’s just left and is currently touring, so go check his page out to see where he’s heading.
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Rebel Radics at Indigo Alley

I’ve been meaning to meet up with my pal Sarah as we’re supposed to be filming for some project together, and I headed into town on Saturday to see her with a couple of cameras figuring that that’d be exactly what I’d be up to.

Turns out our next stop was the pub, and while I guess that should have been somewhat predictable my keeping on top of messages lately has been rubbish so I likely missed key details of the plans.

Rebel Radics-1

I was pretty skint, so we opted to head straight to Indigo Alley rather than crawl along the numerous pubs on the way.

As soon as I got to the doorway I heard a dub echo from the soundsystem and just knew Dan was behind it. I’ve not seen Dan in a fair while, and it was rad to see he’s still well on with Rebel Radics.

He didn’t have his full set up, but the bass was still hard.

Rebel Radics-5Rebel Radics-14

There were a ton of balloons about and collection boxes for Alzheimer’s Research. I know Sarah is doing the Guatemala Spires of Fire trek for it, which involves trekking for 7 days over 5 live volcanoes and summiting the highest peak in Central America. Pretty mad.

Sarah is 94% funded, so if you have any spare change please drop some here.

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Christmas at Cathouse

New Year’s Eve tomorrow, meaning Christmas is finally done and last night marked my final shift of the year at Catty.

I don’t particularly celebrate Christmas and this year I put a solid effort in despite not having a place of my own to live and numerous other things that crept up along the way. Inevitably I burned myself out and went back to my old ways, but I at least managed to deal with it better.

Doesn’t matter how hopeless things get, and this year proved if you can find yerself some good cunts to be around it makes the world of difference.

Enough on that, here’s a selection of photos from over the Christmas period.

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This is the second of a two parter on my birthday. I haven’t written the first part yet, but that will follow in a few days or so.

To be honest, I probably wasn’t even going to write a birthday blog but given that the day culminated in my ejection from the studio space I’d been hiring for approximately 52 minutes, I figured I’ll write something about it.

Anyway, this is a selection of photos from the catty as I was working as per. A few pals came along, and I got real drunk and apparently ordered 12 corn on’t cobs from KFC afterwards.

There’s 31 photos here, and I swear that was a coincidence.

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Martyn & Rebecca’s Wedding, Whitley Hall Hotel

Last Saturday, Martyn & Rebecca got married.

I’d visited Jazz in Liverpool for a couple of days prior (that’s another blog for another day), and arranged to get the train to Sheffield on Friday evening to avoid the inevitable stress of travelling through the morning of the wedding.

The trains were delayed, and I arrived far later than I’d have liked at the hostel I booked that day. I went straight to bed, though ended up crashing next to some guy who was fresh from filming for the Jeremy Kyle Show. He celebrated his victory on passing the lie detector test by offering me a joint, but I just wanted to sleep so I passed and got some rest.

I was up at 6am, expecting to avoid other folk in the hostel as I doubled checked my bags before my Uber arrived. I went into the kitchen and was greeted by a pissed Glaswegian who was watching rugby with a crate of lager. He took great pride in telling me about how he has the exact same TV the hostel has, but it only cost him £20 and “it’s not even stollen!”, oh, and his remote – “it’s not one of them all-in-ones, it’s for the actual telly. Goes like the clappers it does. The remote retails at £30, an’ I got the lot for £20!”. I wished him well and left him to his beers.

The uber driver told me I was his last ride, ending his 18 hour shift, and almost veered off the road after hitting some ice while showing me photos he’d taken of snow using his phone. Excellent start to the day.

I’ve known Martyn now for just over a decade, having gone through college and university together while in bands. Since the band stopped and with us all living in different towns/cities, we rarely get the chance to hang out these days. I’ve only really met Rebecca a handful of times, and she’s genuinely wonderful and the two of them just work. So yeah, it was pretty wild witnessing the two get married with the kids running about.

Even though I’m approaching 31, marriage still ain’t on my life-radar and when pals get married it really hammers it home that folks are becoming more settled and family oriented. It’s a trip.

I rarely photograph weddings, but I’d been looking forward to this one for a while. Hanging out with friends while being trusted to do my thing made the whole process comfortable, and actually left me wanting to photograph more. I was shooting from 8am to 10pm, so the following photos are a selection of highlights from the day.

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