Scarborough: Jesse Hutchinson

The morning after the rave I was up early to go meet Jesse. I’ve known Jesse for a few years now. Nowadays, the vast majority of our interactions are online, but he’s always someone I enjoy bumping into when I’m back in Scarborough; even if it’s quite literally to pop my head through the door for a quick hello as I’m passing while he’s performing at Cellars.

jesse 2-24

He’s been threatening to hire me to take some photos on a more official capacity for a while, and it just worked out that this time it actually happened.

We met by the sea, but the beach was rammed. People everywhere, and I think if we stuck around any longer we’d have both exploded. Instead, we drove the the middle of nowhere, and found a location which felt suitable considering the example photos he’d sent me to look at around 10 minutes before we met.

I shot a bunch of portraits on my X-Pro2 as is standard now, with the Pentax 50mm 1.7 lens. However, I took along my Nikon D610 and also gave that a run for a change. We got a whole bunch of photos that I think is fair to say we’re both pleased with.

Here’s a small selection of the handsome bastard.

jesse 1-12jesse B&W-11jesse 1-28jesse B&W-38jesse 1-21jesse B&W-14jesse 2-48jesse B&W-35jesse 2-40

NIN: Not The Actual Events, Physical Component

I don’t really collect or have that much interest for physical packages by bands anymore, and it’s not because I don’t enjoy physical editions, I actually prefer them. I just like to travel light and keep my possessions to a minimum. But every once in a while, something special comes along.

When NIN announced their latest EP a few months ago, it was listed as a vinyl along with a ‘physical component’, presented as a blank dark object. This got my attention over the vinyl, so I bought it immediately. At worst I figured it’d be a CD with interesting packaging, and because NIN’s art direction has always captured my attention I definitely wouldn’t be too bummed out to receive a CD despite not be able to play it on anything.

It finally arrived in the post today, and there’s no CD or anything to play the EP with (which isn’t an issue, I got the .wav download at the time of purchase).

I’ve kept a loose eye on forums about it, and had seen a few photos, but nothing too in depth as I didn’t want to completely spoil the process of discovering the artwork myself – Then I read that people are receiving the packages with different variations of the artwork, so I’m uploading here for reference to any die hard fans that want to compare.

It gets messy.

To NIN fans waiting for their package, spoilers ahead.

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Christy Scott and Gregor Keachie performing live at The Hug and Pint in Glasgow on Great Western Road by Photographer Lee Jones

Christy Scott ‘Amaranthine’ EP Launch Party at The Hug and Pint, Glasgow

Last night I headed down to The Hug and Pint to catch my pal Christy perform at her EP Launch Party. The Hug and Pint might be my favourite music venue in Glasgow, and it’s tiny. Yet Christy still managed to have no less than a seven-piece band on the stage…

You can check out her music right here.

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Black Stone Cherry

I’ve had this sitting in my drafts for ages and I’ve only just gotten around to it, bloody hell…

Anyway, late last year I got a message to see if I’d go down and take some photos of Black Stone Cherry in The Garage as they geared up in preparation for their world tour. The guys were over in Glasgow a few days before their tour kicked off in order to perform a special sold out show at the Cathouse for the venues 26th Birthday with all money raised going towards Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Charity. Pretty neat.

Even though I was hungover to hell it was rad to see behind the scenes of something like this, I actually dig a bunch of the photos I took and so I’ve posted a large handful here.

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