Laura & Jeffels visit Glasgow

The last time Jeffels was in Glasgow we were living together in a flat, until the dodgy dealings between our letting agents at Countrywide and the (at the time, unregistered) Landlord’s resulted in us being evicting to cover their backs.

Fast forward a year and a bit and looking back it’s probably for the best it happened. I mean, being made homeless wasn’t exactly ideal but Jeffels returned to York and shortly after met Laura, and I went off and did my own thing until I was able to get myself sorted in another flat. Gotta just deal with it and keep yourself occupied.

Laura & Jeffels arrived on the Friday evening which meant a few quick drinks at mine before heading straight out to Catty.

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Valentine’s Day: Strawberries, Cream, & Ballgags.

Valentine’s Day – not something I tyically get involved in. However, a bunch of my friends were in town and everyone came over to the flat. The plan was to hang out and take some photos.


I didn’t particularly know what to expect, as the lasses were out picking stuff up to shoot with while I was just making sure my flat wasn’t an absolute state for their arrival.

Not being one for full on planning, I was half expecting a relatively quick cutesy group valentine’s shoot.

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RADIOMOTHS: Online Store Launch

Rather than fumbling about dealing with direct messages, I’m trying to make buying my stuff easier. So you want secure payments over PayPal? No problem. I’ve just launched a shop within my website. Let’s have a look what’s available…



A fair while back I launched a kickstarter and funded and sold my first photography zine CVNTED. Since then, I have also release You Used To Call Me From A Phone Box.


I’ve got more zines in the works, but for now and for only £5, you can get these right here.


A little while ago, Stephen and myself ran Pinned & Fabulous, and sold our own soft-enamel pin badges.


There’s limited stock left, and once they’re gone they’re gone.

Pins are £6 each. Choose between the ‘Angry Lemon’, ‘GayBoy (LGBT+)’, ‘Cow Tongue Taco’, and ‘Theresa May – The Wicked Witch of Westminster’.

Buy Now.


I’m listing this in the shop for people who want to access my exclusive content without signing up to my OnlyFans.

Here’s a screenshot of the blog. Each post is a gallery featuring a lot of unreleased photo.

The content is mostly 18+, but there’s a whole range of other stuff in there too.

Prices start at £7.50 for one month access, with discounts of upto 35% on purcahses of 3, 6, and 12 months!

Subscribe now.


If this works, I’ll be able to justify the extra monthly spend to upgrade my store plan to sell prints and other creations direct to you.

Imogen, Scarborough Castle

Similar to most connections on Facebook, people end up being added through occasional interactions over mutual friends posts, and I guess that’s how I connected with Imogen. It was a fairly long time until we actually met in person, and that was just a chance passing some point last year with Jazz. That said, we had loosely arranged to try and get together to take photos sometime before that, but for whatever reason it never happened.

When I was visiting the other week, Imogen dropped me a message out of the blue and said she’d be down to do some photos now I was around again. I had a free morning before having to go take photos of my pal Alastair, and so that was set.

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Jemma & Jake Engagement Night

I’ve neglected the blog a little as the past few weeks I’ve been up and down the country, and recording & mixing a new release for Closet Organ with what feels like a million things in between.

Though the dust is starting to settle now, and I’ve made the time to plough through some photos for a bit of a catch up.

The main reason I went back down to Scarborough a few weeks ago was because my friends Jemma & Jake are getting married, and they threw a wee engagement party. Fair to say they’ve hardly been having a fun time lately, so having a night at theirs for them with friends and family over was more than deserved.

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JAZZebell_, Scarborough

I’m back from a week in Scarborough. Had a lot on, took a lot of photos. So it’s gonna take me some time to sort through everything. However, I have just sorted these of JAZZebell_.

jazzebell_, scarborough-2

As Jazz is back in the area, and as she’s in a bedroom that is completely hers for the first time in longer than I’ve known her, she wanted to take some photos. Admittedly composition went out of the window as it was just a super quick dumb set that was needlessly explicit. Continue reading “JAZZebell_, Scarborough”