Where to start? I’d probably sum up my life in a shrug. But not one of indifference, just one of those expressing a gentle “what the fuck is going on?” because I have very little idea. I’m just existing, to be honest – and trying to make it interesting for myself along the way.

I could whittle on about how I’m less concerned about what others are doing and more focused on what I’m doing, but do I know what I’m doing? Probably not. Least not in a way that I could put into words to impress you. My elevator pitch is categorically bullshit, and I can see people dying behind their eyes when they ask me what I do and I have nothing to tell them.

I’m a Scarborian that’s residing in Glasgow. I go out, I take my camera, and I photograph what I get up to. If people want to pay me money to do that then of course I won’t object because it would be nice to afford bread from time to time.

Some people follow this blog, and you’ve ended up here so I reckon this is a good a place as any to start. And other than my writings boring you to death, I hope you at least like the photos.

For more information on my work, future projects, or if you want to hire me; please get in touch.

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