Introducing my whippet puppy; Marshall Mallow

I’ve been wanting to have my own dog for a long time, but was never really ready. And when I moved into this flat I thought it was a good time to take the leap. I’ve lived here for 14 months now, and I’ve actively been trying to rescue a dog for the past 9 or so months.

Trying to rescue a dog when you live in a flat is way more difficult than I expected, and so a few weeks ago I happened to find a whippet puppy for sale. Maybe if I had waited longer I would have been accepted for a rescue, but a greyhound or whippet is my ideal dog, so I didn’t really want to let it go.

I visited him a couple of times, and yesterday I finally got to pick him up.

He is called Marshall Mallow and he is fucking ace.

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-03 at 15.20.07

He’s spent 90% of his time napping, and I’ve been content just laying and watching him breathe.

When I walk around the flat he’s super silent and quick to follow me about and it’s terrifying because he is tiny and I am massive and obviously his body won’t deal with my weight on it well at all. I almost sat on him earlier… the sofa seems to be his favourite place right now and I’ve lost my corner.





I can’t wait to get him vaccinated and take him out for his first walk, but I’m just happy watching him sleep at the moment.


1 thought on “Introducing my whippet puppy; Marshall Mallow

  1. Well you know I’m no dog person but that post and pictures just made me cry, I cant wait to meet this little chap. I will have to pop a few pills first haha xxx

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