Hog Wyld are making an album and we want you to be a part of it

It’s been a year since Hog Wyld was born and launched our 5 track EP out there in the form of a now sold out limited edition ‘gold’ cassette tape. And now, we’re ready to record our debut 10 track album.

We’ve been working insanely hard on this, preparing and writing in our own private studio space, and we took to Kickstarter last month to raise funds for the mastering process once we’ve completed it. We have crushed our target, and at the time of writing this blog we’re 159% funded. The Kickstarter still has a way to go, so we’ve introduced a stretch goal… If we hit £800 we’re going to put the extra money toward a proper vinyl release. Vinyl cost heaps as it is, and that also means a separate vinyl master. But we want to do this.

Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 14.21.45

Hitting the stretch goal target will mean anyone who pledges £20 or more will get a vinyl for free.

The rewards range from an easy to download digital version of the album, right through to an art-zine, us recording a cover of your choice, a beautiful photographic print from one of us (we’re all photographers), and a house party. Insanity.

Support Hog Wyld on Kickstarter here.


To coincide with the end of the Kickstarter, we’re playing our first headliner slot on the 12th January at Nice N Sleazy, and you are all invited.

jan poster 2000


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