Kamora @ Audio, Glasgow

Last night I was gearing up to watch El Camino and have a quiet night in, until I was summoned by Kamora to go shoot their gig at Audio as their photographer had bailed.

They wanted me to kick around for an hour so I necked a beer, grabbed my gear and headed straight out.

Kamora, Audio-36Kamora, Audio-7Kamora, Audio-31Kamora, Audio-47Kamora, Audio-12Kamora, Audio-26Kamora, Audio-33

Of course, when drinking there’s never ‘just the one’, and the hour I was asked to photograph morphed into the wee hours and descended into chaos as we headed back to a flat with a few folk from the gig for an after party.

I’m going to watch El Camino now, here’s some more photos.

Kamora After Party-13Kamora After Party-34Kamora After Party-19Kamora After Party-27Kamora After Party-25Kamora After Party-7Kamora After Party-30Kamora After Party-43Kamora After Party-51Kamora After Party-46

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