A Flower A Dress fashion shoot

I just realised I forgot to post these. The other month I headed through to Largs to do a shoot for A Flower A Dress clothing brand.

A Flower A Dress mix-16

In their various ads online, they mentioned how there would be 11 models, the photographer could shoot in their home-studio etc, etc.. But that wasn’t the case. It was a house. A big house, a rich one. But there was definitely no studio, and the in-door lighting was inadequate. I made do, but clocked on arrival that this wasn’t for me – and after spending a little time with Jen, Cressentia, and Dessie (the 3 models that ended up being there) I felt they were feeling the same.

I guess really, they’re why I even stayed at all.

A Flower A Dress mix-68A Flower A Dress mix-40A Flower A Dress mix-14

The whole day felt very surreal, with little direction and no one really knowing what to do. The models were occasionally put on a livestream to ~400 potential clients.

A Flower A Dress mix-24A Flower A Dress mix-42

We just ran with it, and made the most of it. Until the owner criticised one of the models and told her to stop looking so fat. The atmosphere plummeted. We looked at each other instantly, awkwardly dealing with it, and I was seething. The day actually ended very shortly after that, and we all went home.

Anyway, here’s a bunch of photos that I don’t mind considering the conditions of it all.

A Flower A Dress mix-58A Flower A Dress mix-52A Flower A Dress mix-55A Flower A Dress mix-27A Flower A Dress mix-1A Flower A Dress mix-31A Flower A Dress mix-33

I felt like everyone was ripped off – I followed up with an email telling them this and that their fat shaming was abhorrent. They claim to have taken that feedback on board. But, I dunno, I don’t really believe them.

A Flower A Dress mix-50

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