Living Rent’s commitment to Lock SERCO Out of Glasgow.

This afternoon I joined Living Rent Glasgow as we continued our offensive to stop SERCO’s plans to evict 300 tenants from their homes.

We took direct action at SERCO’s front door. With over a hundred people getting involved to serve SERCO a 21-day eviction notice to get out of our city. After a quick speech from members, we locked up their building with our own chains and padlocks.

Everyone has a right to housing.

Join the fight at Glasgow No Evictions Campaign.

There is a meeting in the city centre at Nelson Mandela Place at 1pm on Saturday 29th June, to deliver the same message to the MEARS Group. More details here.

Here’s some photos from today.


lock out SERCO-1lock out SERCO-2lock out SERCO-3lock out SERCO-4lock out SERCO-5lock out SERCO-7lock out SERCO-8lock out SERCO-6lock out SERCO-9lock out SERCO-10lock out SERCO-11lock out SERCO-12lock out SERCO-13lock out SERCO-14lock out SERCO-15lock out SERCO-16lock out SERCO-17


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