I’m selling my Sony HX90V.

The camera is something I’ve been considering parting with recently, and wasn’t actually going to because it’s so convenient when I just want to not really think about photography, but money is tight and I have some important things coming up.

It’s a point and shoot 18.2MP camera, 80-12800 iso. The lens is 24-720mm (that’s 30x optical zoom). A whole host of auto features, and can be manually overriden if desired. It has a flip screen, pop-up flash, and pop-up electronic viewfinder.

I’m going to post some photos below. There is very little editing here, a bit of a exposure/contrast boosts at most probably. The photos were shot using the cameras in built Black & White mode and full auto, specifically to show what people with an interest but little to no knowledge about cameras can expect.

The colours are good, too – I just don’t have any examples of those because I am a terrible sales person so you’ll have to take my word for it. Ok, here’s some photos:


Ok – so there’s a few photos, but what’s the camera actually look like?



That tiny little thing took those photographs. It fits right in the palm of your hand. Forget your trouser pocket, this will slide right into your shirt pocket.

If you’re thinking about getting into photography, forget the big guns. Size counts, mostly, for shit. Practice on something small. I can guarantee this will not be a hassle for you to carry around, and you’ll find yourself photographing way more shit than you would if you had a big bulky DSLR that commands everyones attention.

I’m under the impression these retailed at like £500. But I know they are still going on eBay for anywhere between £150 & £300.

Camera, charger, memory card. Plus some wear and tear. Fully functional. £100, and it’s yours.

Collect from me in Glasgow for nowt, or I can post you it for a tenner. Contact here.

UPDATE: Camera sold as of 27th June. Thanks.


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