The past couple of days I’ve been flattening some film negatives under the weight of some books so I could get clearer scans. Eager to check them out, I fired up the scanner this morning and on the first pass the scanner freaked out and separated the RGB channels. Cue a natural extreme analogue/digital crossover look I am super into.

Here’s an obligatory self-portrait.


Being a fan of the analogue glitch art Rob Sheridan creates (seriously, check it out), I decided to carry on scanning for as long as the scanner was reliably playing up.

The post-processing on these being minor exposure/contrast adjustments, along with some white balance and colour shifting. Basic stuff.


The rest are from my recent trip to California.


After an hour, the software running the scanner crashed and I had to restart. And with that, the scanner sorted itself out…


Venice Beach


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1 thought on “35glitch.

  1. I love these!!

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