35mm: Ilford HP5+ 400

I’ve had a pile of film waiting to be developed for, well, years. And my pal Stephen recently developed a few rolls as he’s been on with his own, so I’ve been making my way through it with a scanner to see what’s what.

I didn’t keep any record of the dates or cameras/lenses used, so all I know is that these range from anywhere between 2013-2018, and they’re all shot on HP5. And at least a few of them are shot on a Canon AV-1 with a 28mm f2.8 lens (specifically the mushroom, and the few of my nephew).

It’s definitely been a trip to look back at photos I’d forgotten about, even if the photos aren’t particularly great – My focusing especially was atrocious, but marginally less atrocious in the ones I’ve posted.

Film and all the quirks that come with it are great – I just need to get better at it. So I’m posting this blog as a record of that.

HP5, Mushroom-01Ilford HP5, JAZZebell_-03HP5, Trees-01Ilford HP5, Toby-2Ilford HP5, Berlin-01Ilford HP5, Toby-3Ilford HP5, Toby-4HP5, Monotones-03HP5, Robyn-01HP5, Monotones-01Ilford HP5, Toby-14Ilford HP5, Jesse Hutchinson-01HP5, Jemma-01HP5, Gus-01Ilford HP5, Toby-13


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