Abandoned Spaces: Gartloch Hospital, with Ariane

Today I headed out to see my pal Ariane. A few weeks ago we loosely agreed on going on an adventure somewhere, and some point in the past few days she suggested Gartloch Hospital. A mental health facility that closed permanently in 1996.

I thought the place had been fully knocked down years ago, which is why I hadn’t already gone, so was surprised to see some of it still standing after a quick instagram search.


We took the train to Easterhouse and then walked North, and headed through some of what I think is the Seven Lochs Wetlands Park. We passed a few deer and there was some construction work going on just outside the hospital.


Before heading into the main site, we saw this building just down the road and noticed a door was missing, so we found a way in and took a quick look.


It’s amazing how quickly nature reclaims a space when humans leave it well alone.


The building was small, and the floor was thin. Thin enough that I was concerned about going through it, so I hung back on the solid concrete while Ariane got a few polaroid photos.


On to the hospital!


It’s a beautiful building. It’s a shame structures like this get left to ruin, but they do make great places to explore.


A quick hop over the fence, and you’re right in.

There was full bottles of water everywhere.


This colourful graffiti made a welcome change to the typical swastikas that are usually in places like this.


Inevitably, I pointed my camera at Ariane a bit as we wandered around.


It got dark, and surprisingly cold the further we got in to it.


And some floors were completely ruined.


I love the pockets of light in abandoned space.


Focusing in the dark was pretty difficult on my SLR camera, so not sure how the film is going to turn out. I probably bollocksed it up though – I don’t shoot film very often and I’m firmly in the stage of over thinking the shots. But I’ll wait and see the results before I get too bummed out about that.


Still probably not the worst toilet in Scotland…


We had a picnic, and then made our way back… diverting through some fields instead of walking along the roadside.



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1 thought on “Abandoned Spaces: Gartloch Hospital, with Ariane

  1. Fascinating place Lee. Great images as well.

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